Consider these observations from J. T. O’Donnell, a career planning expert: “Honestly, what’s your definition of ‘career’? Have you ever written it out and really looked closely at it? Better still, have you ever made sure your definition is accurate? I challenge you to watch this video and then ask yourself if how you define career could be the reason you struggle to find the success and satisfaction you want and deserve.”



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  1. from watching this video my reaction was like “hahaha we ask each other this question all the time, i even ask myself this question all the time, but do I really know how to defining my career goal?” simple question, but it is not easy to answer. for me, Ive been thinking that question over years. I do have an answer, I want to become a international fashion buyer, I had experiences from living in a different country, experienced culture shocked and everything, and also I’m bilingual I find that very unique about myself for helping company that do international company, and from my experiences work at retail, I had experiences with costumer services, learn many fashion trend, most important I learned how to sale and build relationship with costumers and I loving doing it. I do want use the knowledge I learned from school and my personal work experiences combine together to achieve my career goal.

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