Since most of us are actively engaged in the work force for decades (and decades and decades :-)), job “happiness” is a critical — but, often elusive — goal.

With this in mind, take a look at City Guilds’ “Career Happiness Index.” What are YOUR PERSONAL GOALS for happiness at your job?



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  1. It is true that getting along with ones fellow employees is the key to job happiness because they can become like a second family. Depending on how much time one spends working, he/she may be with these people for a great deal of their time and enjoying their company will make the day, week, month and year much more pleasant. Even if the actual work is not the most stimulating, those around you can still make the job worth it.

  2. Poor bankers! Why would anyone even want that job?? But I totally get the concept that if you enjoy spending time with your coworkers it makes for a better work atmosphere which ultimately is what makes or breaks your day at work. I would love to enjoy the job I do. If I don’t then what is the point of doing it everyday? Besides the money….

  3. I find this post interesting because it highlights many different factors that can contribute to happiness in the workplace.The biggest personal goal I have for happiness at my job is feeling like I am doing something useful and worthwhile. I want to feel like I am contributing to society in a beneficial way.

  4. I have worked at a few different places and I completely agree that getting along with fellow employees is a major factor for happiness in the workplace. Since you are working alongside people for a certain amount of hours each day, I think it’s important to create friendly relationships with your employees. I was surprised to see Teaching halfway down the list for happiest careers. I thought that teachers would be more content with their jobs. Working takes up the majority of your life, so why waste it being unhappy? People should work in places that they love. I believe that if you’re doing something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

  5. A key reason why I enjoy working at my job is because I get along with my boss and fellow employees. It is important to get on a friendly basis with the people you work with in order for better communication, completing tasks, and having future success. I also think that being recognized and appreciated within the work place is very important because it motivates everyone to work harder and encourages employees to help each other. It is a lot easier getting work done when you are in a comfortable work environment where everyone is open to helping you out rather than a strict work environment where there is little to no interaction.

  6. It makes complete sense that getting along amicably with coworkers is the most important aspect to loving your job. I found it interesting and noteworthy that having flexible working conditions was at the bottom of the poll. If you love your job, you wouldn’t be asking for flexibility or the ability to work from home. You’d love going in to work everyday and sharing the day with company you enjoy. Florists and beauticians being at the top of the list was exciting. These people do not earn grandiose salaries but they love the work they do because they help other people. They have the power to put a smile on someone’s face and, to me, that is all the satisfaction you need from a job.

  7. Great post! It’s interesting that many business majors are at the bottom of the list, except for Marketing and PR. Definitely I agree that being a florist must be an awesome job, specially if you enjoy nature very much and you feel you connect with nature through flowers. I completely agree that most self-employed people are happier than those employed in a full-time job. When you’re your own boss you can manage your time and what you do and don’t much easier. However, like everything is has its good things and its not so good things because when you run your own company can’t just get home and forget about work..

  8. This is a great post! Happiness in the workplace is something that is incredible important in life. How are you supposed to be happy in life if your not happy where you spend most of your time? It made sense to me that florists and beauticians were the happiest in their professions. Both professions agreed that they feel recognized, feel that their work is worth while, they obtain training, and they use their skills everyday in the workplace. This is definitely something to keep in mind when choosing a profession!

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