3 Replies to “Don’t Make These Resume Mistakes!”

  1. Thank you very much for the resume tips! Most of them I have heard of, but had never looked at stating the objectives as not beneficial. But it really makes sense to me that it takes away the attention from selling to the employer what I can offer their company.
    Also I think that the Mercedes ad it’s interesting. It seems like they’re trying to attract slightly younger consumers with less purchasing power by selling them the image of becoming famous if driving this car…

  2. Some of the tips here were definitely useful (didnt know to not use “I” in a resume) but I wish the examples they gave were more realistic. For instance no one is going to write “bada-bing” as they’re name. I get the points they’re trying to make but it’s tough to know if I made similar mistakes on my résumé when they don’t use real world, or at least more realistic examples.

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