Memorabilia Sells — Sometimes for a Lot!!

9 Sep

Yes, we love celebrities, our sports teams, and nostalgia. As a result (and aided by the Web), collectibles have become big sellers. And auctions can real pump up the prices — it only takes two to drive up the bidding.

Would you pay $46,000 for this Tom Brady football jersey? That’s what the final bid was at a 2011 Super Bowl charity auction? Click the jersey image for a memorabilia story from the Wall Street Journal.

Photo by Hunt Auctions


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  1. Evans on Marketing September 12, 2012 at 8:19 pm #

    This even applies to our heroes, such as Neil Armstrong (the first man to land on the moon). After his recent death, the value of memorabilia signed by him has skyrocketed (pun in honor of Mr. Armstrong):

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