Over the years, we have written a lot about the job search, including job offers. Today’s advice — be careful with job offers. It is OK to say no to an unsatisfactory offer. And know your value — both monetary and non-monetary. 


Knowing When to Say No: Be Careful with Job Offers

Despite some anxiety surrounding the job search, each offer should be weighed carefully. “Yes” should not always be our response. We need to consider a variety of key factors. Based on what is most important to us.

Let us turn to We Mean Business. It offers 11 tips on when to say no. Here, we present the top five tips:

  1. The corporate culture doesn’t feel right. This is something that’s very personal. Maybe you’ve interviewed for a vibrant, fast-paced, busy office but you’re more of an introvert.
  2. The company values don’t match your own. For example, Or if you care deeply about the environment, working for a major polluter might be off the table.
  3. Your gut says no. What happens if the job seems perfect, but when leaving the interview you have a gut feeling something is wrong? Should you trust this feeling? 
  4. You won’t be able to grow in your career. If career advancement is high on your priorities, not being able to grow is probably going to be a deal-breaker.
  5. The salary is the only good thing about the new job. If, the salary is the only good thing about the job, you should think very carefully about whether it’s right for you. 

To review all 11 tips, click the image below. And good luck to you during your job search.  🙂 Be confident in yourself. And project that.

Be Careful with Job Offers


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