LinkedIn is quite useful for people at any stage of their career planning. From college to senior executive. Now, we cover building a LinkedIn profile for the future.

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Get Going on Building a LinkedIn Profile for the Future

This post is derived from a Wall Street Journal article by Julie Jargon:

LinkedIn is growing in popularity among Gen Z. And it’s setting off a wave of envy and fear of missing out (FOMO) for some college students who worry they’re behind. Even if they aren’t yet in the workforce.

“Looking at everyone else’s LinkedIn stresses me out,” said Nick Saunders. He’s a sophomore environmental-engineering major at North Carolina State University.

Getting LinkedIn right is important as more recruiters turn to the platform to find potential hires amid a huge upheaval in the labor market. But if LinkedIn is causing a feeling of inadequacy, as other social networks often do, there are ways to conquer the FOMO. I compiled a set of tips for college students to make their profiles stand out.  


  • Include both a profile photo and background photo. Having a photo makes your profile 21 times more likely to be viewed.
  • Highlight soft skills. Skills like time management and communication are increasingly important to employers. Thus, college students should focus on those.
  • Use keywords. The words that appear below your name and elsewhere in your profile are indexed in the platform’s search, and external search engines such as Google.
  • Write an elevator pitch. For the About summary, write five to seven sentences that tell a potential employer whom they’ve never met what to know about them.
  • Turn on Open to Work. LinkedIn created a feature during the pandemic that allows people actively seeking jobs. to indicate that by turning on a profile-photo frame with the label Open to Work.
  • Make meaningful connections. Quality is better than quantity. There are numerous groups on LinkedIn organized around interest areas.

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Building a LinkedIn Profile for the Future


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