Do you have a tough time speaking up about yourself? Or do you know your proper job level and compensation? Or do you let others outmaneuver you? With this in mind, we examine enhancing YOUR negotiating skills. Both on the job and away from the job.

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An Infographic on Enhancing YOUR Negotiating Skills

Whether looking for a new job, a promotion, and/or a raise, your negotiating skills may have a big impact. 

For today’s post, we turn to

The ability to negotiate represents  an essential skill for everyone. We make deals all the time. At work. At the market. With our neighbors. And even with family members. So what are the basic rules, secret tactics, and success strategies that never fail?

We negotiate every day. Some negotiation situations are more obvious than others. Such as bringing down the price of a product at the market. Other negotiations, like working on a group project or doing a favor for a friend, are more sophisticated. In any case, the best negotiation strategy may always to lead a constructive dialogue and try to meet everyone’s needs.

To get a complete picture of the negotiation process, check out our infographic 

Enhancing YOUR Negotiating Skills

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