Have YOU ever thought about being a career mentor? There are benefits for both mentors and mentees,

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The Many Long-Term Benefits of Being a Career Mentor

For this post, we turn to Intuit Mint:

A mentor is an individual who provides guidance and advice over an extended period of time to someone with less experience. Otherwise known as the mentee. Mentors are supposed to share their expertise and knowledge, answer questions, and help support their mentee’s personal and professional growth.

The career advantages that mentoring brings mentees are often discussed in popular media. But it’s important to acknowledge that mentors reap many benefits as well. Career advisor Michael Gilmore said, “Employees who serve as mentors also report greater job satisfaction and greater career success. [And] more than half receive salary increases over time.”

The process of mentoring someone will help you hone your leadership skills. You’ll work on offering insight and guidance for someone else’s career. As well as take the responsibility that comes along with it. Always lead by example because your mentee will learn from it. While others may even promote you for it. Wesley Exon, founder and CEO of Best Value Schools, shared, “Being a mentor gave me a way to showcase my leadership. And coaching abilities [and] this helped me get promoted into a leadership role.”

Now review the Intuit Mint infographic tips.

Being a Career Mentor



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