Several times before, we discussed various topics related to women’s career development. Today, we look at new data on women in marketing careers.


From LinkedIn: New Data on Women in Marketing Careers

As we have before, we now examine excellent new information from LinkedIn.

According to LinkedIn’s Tequia Burt:

Where does equity stand in the industry — gender, race, and otherwise? And how can we keep pushing it forward? We combined data on gender and jobs from LinkedIn’s platform with research from ANA, McKinsey, and others to look into this question.

We start with some positive news. In North America, the gender split for marketing roles features strong female representation. With new data showing that 60% of professionals occupying this function are women. Better yet, women are successfully ascending the ladder. Thereby, accounting for 53% of director-level or higher positions. And 59% of manager-level positions. 

Now, the bad news. racial diversity among these roles is lagging behind. And pretty significantly. While 52% of Chief Marketing Officers are women, only 13% of all CMOs have racially diverse backgrounds, a field that includes Asian, Latina, and Black women. While the percentage of women CMOs rose from 2019 to 2020 (47% to 52%), the percentage of racially diverse CMOs actually declined. Black women, in particular, are struggling to advance. 

The following infographic digs a little deeper into the state of gender and racial diversity in marketing today. With an eye on identifying key opportunities.

New Data on Women in Marketing Careers

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