Today, we offer a special post. Related to both marketing and to health. In particular, cancer, a topic dear to my heart. As a fortunate survivor. We look at Sing Nightbirde Sing. A story of a three-time cancer survivor appearing on America’s Got Talent. The YouTube video of the performance has been viewed 26 million times. Just since June 8, 2021. PLEASE watch the video. It shows the resiliency of the human spirit.


Sing Nightbirde Sing : A Cancer Survivor Appears on AGT

America’s Got Talent (AGT) is one of the leading televised talent competitions. Recently, it featured an amazing contestant.

As reported by AOL

AGT is known for wacky circus acts. But every once in a while, there is an audition that is truly haunting. The one that resonated on Tuesday was the final performer of the night, Jane Marczewski. Also known as Nightbirde. A 30-year-old singer and three-time cancer survivor whose ethereal original ballad “It’s OK” left the judges in tears. It also earned Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer. Thus fast-tracking her straight to this season’s live shows.

Nightbirde took the stage looking thin and frail, but exuding serenity and strength. She revealed she had “some cancer in my lungs and spine and my liver” and that doctors had now given her only a 2 percent chance of survival.” Judge Howie Mandel  said “You’ve got a beautiful smile and a beautiful glow, and nobody would know,” To which she replied, “Thank you. It’s important that everyone knows that I’m so much more than the bad things that happen to me. … You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.”

A post on her Web site goes into detail about her ordeal. On New Year’s Eve 2019, Marczewski was diagnosed with terminal cancer after “innumerable tumors” were found on her lungs, liver, lymph nodes, ribs, and spine. And she was told she had six months to live. In July 2020 she went into remission. Yet, cancer soon returned. “I have had cancer three times now, and I have barely passed 30. There are times when I wonder what I must have done to deserve such a story. I fear sometimes that when I die and meet with God, that He will say I disappointed Him, or offended Him, or failed Him. Maybe He’ll say I just never learned the lesson, or that I wasn’t grateful enough. But one thing I know for sure is this: He can never say that He did not know me.”

Watch her perform the song!


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