As we noted last year, marketers have a constantly evolving dictionary of terms. Including click-and-collect shopping. It involves buying online and picking up at the store. Obviously, a great emerging tactic for  physical stores. Now, we look at who is driving the click-and-collect boom.


An Analysis:  Who Is Driving the Click-and-Collect Boom

For this post, we turn to Insider Intelligence and its eMarketer division.

First, consider the current state of this practice:

How much of a leap did click and collect make in 2020? A really big one. U.S. shoppers spent $72.46 billion via click and collect last year, a 106.9% growth rate over 2019. Click and collect leapt from a 5.8% share of all retail ecommerce sales to a 9.1% share. Total buyers jumped from 127.4 million people to 143.8 million people, a 12.9% growth rate.

And solid growth will continue.


Next, let’s identify the click-and-collect U.S. leaders.

Seven major click-and-collect multichannel retailers accounted for 64.0% of click-and-collect sales in the U.S. in 2020: Walmart, The Home Depot, Best Buy, Target, Lowe’s, Macy’s, and Nordstrom. Together, these companies reaped more than $46 billion in click-and-collect sales. Their experience tells the story of US click and collect last year (2020).

Who Is Driving the Click-and-Collect Boom

As you see below, the top five account for the great bulk of that amount.
Who Is Driving the Click-and-Collect Boom


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