During the 2020 holiday shopping season, we must be vigilant. With shoppers more frequently buying online, avoiding scams is imperative. Now, you can help yourself and others. Visit — and use — the new FTC Web site to report fraud.

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Be Part of the Solution: New FTC Web Site to Report Fraud

Since 1914, a key role of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been consumer protection against harmful business practices.

As the noted at its Web site:

The FTC protects consumers by stopping unfair, deceptive, or fraudulent practices in the marketplace. We conduct investigations. Sue companies and people that violate the law, develop rules to ensure a vibrant marketplace. As well as educate consumers and businesses about their rights and responsibilities. We collect reports on hundreds of issues from data security and deceptive advertising to identity theft and Do Not Call violations. Then, we make them available to law enforcement agencies worldwide for follow-up. Our experienced and motivated staff uses 21st century tools to anticipate – and respond to – changes in the marketplace. 

To encourage greater consumer  input about fraudulent practices, the FTC recently introduced a new Web site.  With a URL of ReportFraud.ftc.gov:

Whether you think it’s a scam, you know it is, or you’re not happy about a business practice, tell the FTC. The FTC and its law enforcement partners enforce a variety of laws. Your report makes a difference and can help law enforcers spot problems. Learn more about scams and how the FTC works to stop them.

Your report is shared with more than 3,000 law enforcers.

Next, we show some of the highlights of the site.

Here is the three-step process of the FTC.

New FTC Web Site to Report Fraud

To file your own complaint,  click the first image. By doing so, you will be taken to the second screen shown below. Then, file your report.

New FTC Web Site to Report Fraud

New FTC Web Site to Report Fraud


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