Last year, we looked at digital (online) shopping by generation. Today, we consider digital shopping by generation – 2020. In other words, what effect has the COVID-19 pandemic had on E-commerce?


Analyzing Digital Shopping by Generation – 2020

This e-Marketer chart shows generational online shopping in May 2019.

Digital Shopping by Generation

Based on its May 2020 consumer survey, eMarketer states that:

As the pandemic caused widespread shutdowns, consumers who traditionally preferred brick-and-mortar retail shifted at least some of their spending to digital channels. When transacting purchases, many boomers have adopted E-commerce Though it’s yet another area where they lag behind younger adults. We estimate that 62.1% of boomers in the US will be digital buyers this year [And up 5.3. percent over 2019]. But well short of the percentages of Gen Xers and millennials. .

During the same May 2019-May 2020 period, the percentage of the generation shopping digitally rose by 1.7% for millennials and by 2.2% for Gen X. Largely due to the larger base for these two generations. Below is the eMarketer chart for 2020.

Digital Shopping by Generation - 2020

Please keep in mind that the above charts refer to the percentage of people shopping digitally. For information on purchase amounts, we cite another eMarketer article:

Social distancing and stay-at-home measures have upended the shopping habits of U.S. consumers across generations, including older cohorts. In May 2020 data from CouponFollow, nearly half of U.S. boomer internet users said they increased their digital spending since the coronavirus pandemic [Not nearly as much as younger cohorts].

Digital Shopping by Generation - 2020

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