Since Evans on Marketing began, we have presented over 130 posts on pricing. Nonetheless, there’s still so much more to learn. A pricing primer from Pragmatic Institute will give us many additional insights.


Insights from a Pricing Primer from Pragmatic Institute

Our primer consists of four articles by Pragmatic Institute.

Pricing Is …

This is a resource which shows that “pricing is clearly so much more than just a boring function that places a number on a product. This [brief] E-Book takes a look at some of the nuances of exactly what pricing is.”

To access the E-book, click the image.

A Pricing Primer from Pragmatic Institute

Value-Based Pricing

This resource asks “Can you price a product based on what the customer is willing to pay for it? In this episode of Pragmatic Live, our resident pricing guru and Pragmatic Marketing instructor, Mark Stiving, answers this question, and whether value-based pricing can make sense for your organization.”

Now, listen to the valuable podcast.


Avoid the Dreaded Discount

This resource asks “Are your customers asking for discounts? In this episode of Pragmatic Live, best-selling author, Mark Hunter, and Pragmatic Marketing’s pricing guru, Mark Stiving, discuss selling value, having value conversations and why discounts shouldn’t be the norm.”

By pressing the play arrow, you can listen to the valuable podcast.


Ethical Pricing Practices

This resource focuses on ethical practices:

“Pricing and ethics are two words rarely heard together. Ethics involves fairness. Pricing involves capturing as much value from your buyer as possible. What could possibly be ethical about pricing? In defense of the pricing profession, most pricing is extremely ethical. Likewise, most pricers act ethically. For the most part, both parties enter into transactions willingly. As a result, both are better off after the transaction.” 

For further insights on ethical pricing, here is a chart from Pragmatic Institute.

A Pricing Primer from Pragmatic Institute

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