As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. auto industry saw sales drop by 30 percent in the second quarter of 2020. Yet, below we present a few feel-good stories. They involve the auto giving back to the community. Yes, even in tough times. Thus, we say bravo to the three firms highlighted in the video below.

Our coverage today differs from what we typically mention about the industry. For example:


Three Feel-Good Stories: The Auto Industry Giving Back

Automotive News is the “bible” of the auto industry. The magazine has been publishing since 1925. If you look at the header from its Web site, you can see how widespread its coverage. With news, data, videos, and a whole lot.By clicking the image, you can access the Web site.

The Auto Industry Giving Back

It recently featured a great video story about the auto industry giving back to their communities. In this era where so much news is bad, it’s nice to see three heart-warming stories. Especially during the pandemic. We congratulate these firms for their efforts. And recognize that many more firms (and people) give every day. Thank you.

A Call To Action: Maine dealers transform their Toyota lot into a graduation stage. A Hyundai store adds a drive-through food pantry. And a Honda employee recycles a bus shelter to fight hunger. How creativity and quick action amid the pandemic are making a big impact on their communities.”

Now, watch the video. 


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