We have written before about the importance and value of inspiration. For example, click here. During these trying times, we must strive as hard as we can. And remember, “Don’t Give Up – Don’t Ever Give Up.” Live Life Every Day!


Inspiration from Jim Valvano

Feeling sorry for yourself during these trying times? Then be inspired by this post. Today, we again viewed the incredible story and video of the late Jim Valvano. Pretty hard to feel sorry for yourself after doing this.

Read on. Then watch one of the most inspirational videos EVER!


Don’t Give Up – Don’t Ever Give Up

During his losing battle with pancreatic cancer, Jim Valvano served as a role model for us all. Given our frustrations with the COVID-19 pandemic, we also need to reflect on our better selves. 

As the V Foundation Web site notes:

“Don’t Give Up . . . Don’t Ever Give Up!”®

“With these words, Jim Valvano announced the beginning of the V Foundation for Cancer Research with ESPN’s support. During Jim’s memorable speech accepting the Arthur Ashe Courage and Humanitarian Award at the inaugural ESPYS on March 4, 1993, his message was simple: cancer research needs our support.”

“Despite being weakened from his fight against cancer, he delivered an energetic and inspiring speech that brought the crowd to its feet. Although he passed shortly after his speech, Jim’s legacy lives on through the V Foundation.”

“For the past 27 years [as of 2020], the V Foundation has continued Jim’s message by funding incredible projects and researchers focused on finding and end to cancer. Because of the V Foundation’s generous supporters: More than $250 million has been awarded to cancer research and programs. 100% of every direct donation goes to cancer research. There are 16 million cancer survivors in the U.S., with that number expected to grow to 20.3 million by 2026.”


THE Speech

It’s only 11 minutes. Watch until the end.


The V Foundation

To learn more about the V Foundation, or to make a donation, click the image.

Don't Give Up - Don't Ever Give Up


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