In 2016, we presented a product management infographic from 280 Group. Now, we highlight a new product management infographic. Also from 280 Group.

Lots of Good Information in a New Product Management Infographic

For those interested in a career in product management or a related area, there is a lot of good info out there about the field.

280 Group is as leading Product Management training and consulting firm. Periodically, it produces excellent, wide-ranging infographics. Such as the one described and shown below.

Our “Product Management Skills – Benchmark Report” identifies 15 skill sets that individual Product Managers and entire Product Management teams need to be excellent. We evaluated how training and a formal product process helps improve those skill sets. And ultimately advance a Product Manager’s career. Turns out, training helps. There is an 11% average increase in skill set levels with just training. The implementation of a formal product process also contributes to the success of PMs and PM teams, improving skill sets by up to 31%.  

The Takeaway — What happens when you bring training and process together? Transformational change. Indeed, your organization can experience up to a 44% increase in Product Management skill sets. Check out some of the highlights from the report in the infographic.

New Product Management Infographic


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