As we have noted before realistic salary data are available. With the Robert Half 2018 Salary Guides, we can review data for different stages of our careers. Now, we look at free online salary surveys from PayScale.


Free Online Salary Surveys

So, how about getting salary information tailored to us? If you answer yes, read on for free online salary surveys.

At PayScale’s salary survey Web site, there are three survey options:

  • Survey option 1, Current Job. “Let’s start building your report with the basics. Such as your job title, location, and experience. As of now, PayScale has collected salary and career data from 54+ million people, covering 16,000 unique job titles.”
  • Survey option 2, Job Offer. “Congratulations! You’ve been offered a job. Now, we’ll help you compare the offer to what you’re actually worth in the job market.”
  • Survey option 3, Just Exploring. This option emulates the “Current Job” survey.

Click the image to visit the salary survey site. Then, choose your survey option. And answer the questions. Then, see the results. You can take all of the surveys multiple times. How? Just modify your inputs.

Free Online Salary Surveys from PayScale

PayScale Salary Data for Employers

In addition to providing salary information, PayScale works with employers:

“Compensation, communication, and company culture are linked. With our cloud compensation management software, employers have their finger on the pulse of their talent markets. And that transforms the once dark art of compensation into a data-driven science.”

“Are you are a people manager at a small business or a compensation professional at a Fortune 500 firm, employee compensation strategy is part of your firm’s bottom line and success. Give us a few details and we’ll serve up solutions and content relevant to your comp situation.”

Here is an employer example.

Finally, PayScale offers an Insight Lab for employers, as the chart shows.

Free Online Salary Surveys for Employers

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