Interesting title, right? Retargeting as a Valuable – Yet Questionable – Tool. First, we need to define this concept. Then, we turn to why this tool is valuable to marketers. While it is questionable for consumers.

Included are TWO infographics.

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Understanding the Concept of Retargeting

For this part of our discussion, we turn to GrowthBadger:

“Retargeting (also called “remarketing”) is a powerful way to re-engage people who have previously interacted with your brand. It allows you to display ads to people who already visited your Web site or used your mobile app. Following them around as they browse other sites and apps. It’s a great way to build familiarity with your brand name. And to help push prospects through a sales funnel. In fact, people are 70% more likely to convert when they’re retargeted.”

Besides the following infographic, GrowthBadger offers a free guide to retargeting. Click here to access the free login.

Retargeting as a Valuable - Yet Questionable - Tool

Retargeting as a Valuable – Yet Questionable – Tool

The valuable? Through retargeting, marketers easily track consumers across digital platforms. Thereby, keeping in regular contact with those consumers. The questionable? Consumers get tracked and bombarded by messages across platforms without their consent. Often, unaware about retargeting aimed at them. put together the excellent infographic that follows. It further delves into the practice of retargeting. As well how it is valuable and questionable. With dozens and dozens of stats.

Retargeting as a Valuable - Yet Questionable - Tool


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