An attractive career area within marketing is marketing research. Hence, today’s post: state of marketing research jobs.

Begin by checking out these two sites. (1) What Marketing Researchers Do(2) 2019 Business & Innovation GRIT Report.


Entering 2020:  State of Marketing Research Jobs

As Lindsey Bartlett, market research practice lead at staffing and recruitment firm Smith Hanley Associates, reports for Quirk’s Media:

“Growth in market research graduate programs – in addition to strong certificate programs – is improving the number and depth of candidates. With experience and foundational strength in qualitative and quantitative research methods. Entry-level salaries have to keep pace with these better prepared candidates.”

“Within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, we find the highest paying marketing research opportunities. These industries provide the most comprehensive offers to candidates with sign-on bonuses, long-term incentives, and flexible work schedules. The technology industry is a close second in rising salaries.”

“San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest remain the highest cost of living areas in the United States. As well as having the highest salaries for market researchers. Second to San Francisco is a grouping of Los Angeles, Boston, and New York City. From what we’ve seen this past year, the third tier includes New Jersey, Metro D.C,. and Chicago.”

This chart shows base salary ranges. On top, salaries for marketing research companies by job. On bottom, salaries for marketing companies by job. 

State of Marketing Research Jobs

To read more about marketing research jobs in 2020, click the image that follows.
State of Marketing Research Jobs

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