In October 2019, we addressed a very controversial subject. As we asked: When People Will Accept Facial Recognition? Now, we turn to facial recognition still not overly popular. Read about the latest research on the use of this software.


Facial Recognition Still Not Overly Popular

For this post, we look at the reaction among consumers. With charts from two different research studies. eMarketer reports that:

“While some consumers are warming up to retail tech, others aren’t as charmed by it. Even if it results in more personalized experiences. According to a December 2019 poll by Toluna, roughly half of U.S. Internet users said they weren’t comfortable with retail stores using facial recognition to better personalize point-of-sale advertisements. Only 27.6% of respondents said they would be open to facial recognition. And the remaining group was unsure.”

Facial Recognition Still Not Overly Popular

“When Pew Research Center asked U.S. adults which groups they trusted to use facial recognition responsibly, more respondents cited law enforcement agencies — and even tech companies — over advertisers. One-third of respondents had no faith that advertisers would use the tech responsibly. These attitudes haven’t changed much since 2018, when The Brookings Institution released a similar study. Half of US Internet users polled said they had concerns with facial recognition in retail stores to prevent theft.”

“For the most part, consumers have used some form of biometrics — typically based on facial recognition technology — either to unlock their mobile devices or as a form of payment. However, privacy concerns continue to play a substantial role in consumer apprehension, particularly when brands and retailers leverage the technology to better understand who their customer base is and how they can better target them.”

Facial Recognition Still Not Overly Popular

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