In 1984, Apple introduced the first Macintosh computer. At that time, the firm was known as  Apple Computer. Over the years, the Mac has captured a beachhead in a small, but profitable segment. And as with other Apple products, Mac users have been quite loyal. However, today, Mac computers are less important to Apple. Below, we will learn why.

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Mac Computers Are Less Important to Apple


Mac Computers Are Less Important to Apple

Over time, Apple Computer became Apple Corporation. The firm expanded into music, iPads, iPhones, Apple Watch, and more. In particular, the iPhone has been the backbone of Apple Corp. With the Apple Watch coming on strong.

According to Felix Richter’s report for Statista, as well as the chart below:

“Confirming earlier reports, Apple recently unveiled the long-rumored new 16-inch MacBook Pro. The first major update to the MacBook Pro line in three years features a slightly bigger and sharper screen than its 15-inch predecessor. Also, Apple added louder speakers, better microphones, and an improved keyboard to the mix. Starting at $2,399, the 16-inch MacBook Pro comes with a similar price tag as the 15-inch version that it’s going to replace. The fact that the new member of the MacBook family was announced rather unceremoniously via press release speaks volumes of the role that the Mac is playing at Apple in 2019: a supporting role to the main act – the iPhone.”

“In fiscal year 2019, the company generated $25.74 billion in revenue selling what it was originally named after: computers. And while that makes Apple’s Mac business of 2019 roughly four times as large as it was at the turn of the century, selling laptops and desktop computers has never been less important to the company’s overall success as it currently is. Mac sales may have quadrupled over the past two decades, but Apple’s total sales increased more than 30-fold over the same period.”

Mac Computers Are Less Important to Apple


3 Replies to “Mac Computers Are Less Important to Apple”

  1. Mac computers are not important but are vital for a company to maintain its identity on where it came from. Even though their biggest cash cow is the iphone. the Mac computers does still have royal customers who are still willing to buy mac computers. I mean just look at the releases of the new Mac Book, consumers were really patient and also frustrated that Apple took so long to release a new design or improve feature of the new mac. However, they also do charge ridiculous amount go money for their Imac like who charges 1000 dollars for a screen stand, only Apple would do that.

  2. I find it incredible that in Apple’s situation, $25.74 billion in revenue is not considered a large portion of revenue. All of Apple’s products are touchscreen, but not their computers. Consumers are more attracted to technology that allows for touchscreen capability. The iPhone and iPad are basically portable computers and I would assume most customers looking to purchase their first Apple product wouldn’t get a Macbook or iMac, but would get an iPhone.

  3. Since 2000, Mac computer sales as a percentage of Apple’s revenue decreased over 70%. However, Mac computer still play an important role of apple’s product, not only because it is the apple’s first products but also it still a No.1 choice computer for Apple fans. In my opinion, Apple should release its new Mac with touchscreen to gain more market share, since its major competitors are currently use touchscreen technology.

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