Regardless of the field one is in, we need to be careful about what managers should not say. Our goal: To be an effective manager.

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11 Tips on What Managers Should Not Say

For some some answers, we turn to Barbara Davidson, writing for Headway Capital:

“How would you describe your management style? So much emphasis is put on what divides ‘good managers’ from ‘great leaders.’ Yet, we often fail to notice how one-sided both of these terms can sound in the workplace. Instead, managers are discovering that ‘coaching-style’ leadership brings out the strengths in a team. By focusing on constructive feedback and asking questions instead of giving orders.”

“Research shows that businesses who use coaching techniques towards their employees boost worker engagement and productivity by around 12%. And 4 out of 5 of those on the receiving end of this approach report that they work, communicate, and feel better. With noticeable boosts to their productivity and business management strategies. It’s no wonder coaching is fast becoming the ‘next big thing’ in management methods, with 65% of organizations planning to expand their coaching strategies over the next half-decade.”

With an infographic form, here are 11 tips on what NOT to say to employees from Headway Capital.

What Managers Should Not Say

6 Replies to “What Managers Should Not Say”

  1. Often quoted, “people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers”. From an employee perspective, our work is going to be judged. And the shame that manifests from judgment is a debilitating fear recognizing we are not good enough. I’m a firm believer that people do their best work when they feel comfortable. I’m not talking about sweats and sweatpants comfortable I’m talking about the environment. Specifically, on Point 11, there is a stigma that we have a work-life and personal life. In reality, we have one life and if we should be sensitive to the idea that hiding behind a brave face or covering up emotion can affect how productive employees are at work.

  2. Really interesting and valuable advises to all the team managers and company leaders, most of them are what we hear from others or what we said to others. Leadership is a kind of art, some of them are the instinctive reaction when we face some situations. If we are not the innovation or business genius like Steve Jobs, we should truly care about what these 11 advises, sometimes hurts and damages made in the place we never recognized, maybe not serious today, but potential risk will happened in the future.

  3. The only reason that I quit my first job after two years was due to suffering from endless oral insulting of the vice-president of marketing department. No matter what my team and I did or achieved, he would always be far from satisfaction and would diminish our confidence by talking unkindly. I always have a feeling that I must have owed him $1,000,000 or something equivalent that he treated me like that although I paid 100% attention and devoted wholeheartedly on every piece of work. Only after my hopping to another company did I realize that there are some good managers in this world who can make you work for them comfortably.

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