In our blog, we have posted about 450 articles on careers. With many of them of them featuring infographics and videos. Today, we offer new marketing career videos. From YouTube.

But first, consider this from Marketing Charts:

“So what skills do marketers believe will be important in the future? From a list of more than a dozen skills, the most consensus was reserved for data analysis and measurement. In fact, 3 in 10 respondents chose this as the one skill on which they would stake their career. Interestingly, more than three-quarters (77%) of marketers already rate their competency of data analysis and measurement as advanced (42%) or intermediate (35%). Although only about one-tenth (11%) rate themselves as experts at this particular skill.”

“Even with an emphasis being placed on more technical and data-driven skills, more human-centric skills such as the ability to embrace change, critical thinking, lateral thinking, and collaboration remain essential for marketers. In fact, nearly all (93.9%) of the survey’s respondents found these soft skills to be just as important as technical skills for a successful career in marketing.”

“In addition, the ability to embrace change represents a very important skill for a successful marketing career by 7 in 10 respondents. The importance of this skill appears consistent with a similar study by Econsultancy from five years ago. In that research, findings revealed that three-quarters (75%) of marketers rated the ability to embrace change as very important.

Now, review the findings in the infographic.

Future Skills -- New Marketing Career Videos


First Time on EOM: New Marketing Career Videos

The videos below have been widely viewed on YouTube. In addition, they appeared in the past year or so.






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