Are you a workaholic? Have trouble unwinding when the work day is done? Think of yourself as always on when it comes to work? And feel perpetually stressed out? If you answered yes to any of these questions, interested in changing? Today, we examine being happier after work hours.

Before you read below, review these two posts. Bad Work Habits to Avoid. Sleep Deprivation and Job Productivity.


Infographic Tips for Being Happier After Work Hours

Consider these observations from Caroline Forsey, writing for HubSpot. How much of yourself do you see here? Feel happy or unhappy about this state of affairs?

“Work inevitably sneaks into our lives. Even after traditional work hours are over. But without good work-life balance, you’ll ultimately burnout. Plus, not thinking about work for a span of time can actually make you more productive at the office — so it’s critical you learn how to stop thinking about work after hours.”

“Fortunately, CashNetUSA put together this complete guide to help you properly recharge during your off-hours. Take a look, and use these tips to stop thinking about work when you’re not, well, at work.”

What points most relate to YOU? So, what next? Change or continue with what you are doing?

Being Happier After Work Hours

3 Replies to “Being Happier After Work Hours”

  1. Thank you for writing this post! I think work life balance is so important to both mental and physical health. Thank you for the insights. I especially enjoyed the infographics you shared.

  2. I think the infographic is interesting and I try to implement a few of these techniques after work such as listening to a podcast. Also, I liked the idea of making a fun plan for Sunday night to not let Monday ruin your Sunday.

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