Recently, we discussed two aspects of branding. Purpose-Driven Brands’ Marketing Lessons. And Top Authentic Global Brands — Credibility Pays. Today, we look at how great brand campaigns pay dividends.

In particular, this is an important topic. Especially given the present environment of price shoppers and distrust of mass media and .com Web sites.

Great Brand Campaigns Pay Dividends

As Kayla Matthews reports for Marketing Dive:

“Unsurprisingly, digital media dominated brand campaigns in 2017. But the most popular efforts added an extra pop in key areas that have emerged as trends to watch. Better tying together real-world and social media channels. And catering to the ever-shorter attention spans of consumers. How? Through extra-short video ads. Or quick-hit visual formats like GIFs.”

Now, let us examine three great brand campaigns discussed by Matthews.

First, Bud Light and the NFL: “Beyond TV ads, Bud Light is tackling NFL marketing by linking packaging to Snapchat. In doing so, it offers dedicated football fans exclusive content and more. With Snapcodes on product,  users can scan with smartphone cameras. And see behind-the-scenes videos from their favorite teams. As well as enter sweepstakes.”

Great Brand Campaigns Pay Dividends: Bud Light and the NFL
Second, Duracell’s use of short video clips: “A big marketing challenge marketers is the short attention span of consumers. A oft-cited statistic suggests most people are more easily distracted than a goldfish. This matters more now that the internet gives users more control over media views. To combat this, some brands use super-short video ads that are hard to skip. Duracell’s six-second spots for YouTube became a major success.”


Third, Converse GIFs with Millie Bobby Brown: “Converse teamed up with the star of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things,’ Millie Bobby Brown, for a timely back-to-school campaign in August. For the ads, Brown acts out 32 different emotions teens feel heading into the first bell. They were made into GIFs. Converse pushed the ads on its social pages.”


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