As we know, the better the marketing plan, the better a firm’s likely performance. For example, see these two posts. Creating a Business Plan. And FREE Marketing Planning ToolsToday, we consider how to build better marketing plans.


Insights on How to Build Better Marketing Plans

The following post was provided by Jomel Alos of Guthrie-Jensen.

It feels great to belong in a company with a strong marketing team and a robust plan of action. Building it off may be more complicated. You need to plot your marketing strategies for the year if you want a good grasp of what you must do. An excellent plan allows you to lay down the foundation of your campaign. And see what worked and where it went wrong the year before.

Know How the Business Works and the Competition. That lets you identify your strengths and weaknesses, growth opportunities, and problems that may arise. To study competition, conduct competitor benchmarking. This helps you understand rivals and anticipate their next move. If you have many similarities to other companies, you must work harder.

Identify Your Target Market. You need a data set that includes age, gender, and buying behavior. These data help plan your marketing strategies.

Determine Your ObjectivesA good plan involves realistic and specific goals. This helps lay down the steps needed to reach those goals. Make sure they are within reach to serve as a good benchmark.

Devise a Plan of ActionEach objective should include as many specific activities as possible. And this will help you see what needs to be done and let you know if the goals are realistic.

Outline a Budget and Schedule. Now, schedule tasks by month or quarter. And when it comes to spending, create a budget for marketing and promotions throughout the whole year. Once set, find out how you’re going to finance your marketing campaign.” 

Make Necessary ImprovementsMonitor your activities. And learn if you need to make some adjustments to be better. If problems arise, keep your eyes on the prize to help you get back on track.


How to Build Better Marketing Plans

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