Despite the news surrounding Tesla’s recent financial woes, technology keeps advancing. [For example, see 1 and 2.] Thus, today’s post looks at how electric cars are booming worldwide. Even though they still represent only a fraction of overall car sales. And we need to build Customer Relationships in a High-Tech World.


Electric Cars Are Booming Worldwide

As reported by Patrick Wagner for Statista:

For a long time, electric cars were an inconvenient niche product for oddball ecologists. But with ever extending range, the emergence of plug-in hybrids, and an increasingly dense network of battery charging points, E-vehicles are slowly competing with combustion-based vehicles.”

“As this chart shows, there were more than three million E-vehicles on the streets around the globe in 2017. And the current growth rates are truly immense. With big manufacturers jumping on the electrified bandwagon and E-car champion Tesla guiding the whole development, its seems to be only a matter of time until combustion engines are an outdated niche products for coal rolling oddballs.”

Please note: In the chart below, we see the growth of both battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. However, battery electric vehicles are zooming ahead. We expect this to continue for the foreseeable future. So, is an electric car in YOUR future? There are a lot more choices now. As most leading car makers develop and introduce new electric vehicles.


Electric Cars Are Booming Worldwide

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