As we regularly report, new technologies keep emerging and growing. For example, last month we looked at the increasing availability of charging devices for electric vehicles. Today, we consider several strategic technology predictions for 2019.


Gartner’s Strategic Technology Predictions for 2019

Gartner is a well-respected research/consulting firm. And it recently predicted 10 technology trends for 2019.

As Kasey Panetta recently reported for Gartner:

“Although science fiction may depict AI robots as the bad guys, some tech giants now employ them for security. For instance, think about firms like Microsoft and Uber. They use Knightscope K5 robots to patrol parking lots. As well as large outdoor areas to predict and prevent crime. The robots can read license plates, report suspicious activity, and collect data for their owners. These AI-driven robots are just one example of ‘autonomous things.’ And this is part of the Gartner Top 10 strategic technologies for 2019. With the potential to drive significant disruption and deliver opportunity over the next five years.”

“‘The future will be characterized by smart devices delivering more insightful digital services everywhere.’ David Cearley, a Gartner vice-president, said this at Gartner 2018 Symposium/ITxpo in Florida. As a result, ‘we call this the intelligent digital mesh.'”

In fact, the intelligent digital mesh comprises three main topics. “(1) Intelligent: How AI is in virtually every existing technology. And it is creating entirely new categories. (2) Digital: This entails blending digital and physical worlds to create an immersive world. (3) Mesh: This exploits connections between expanding sets of people, businesses, devices, content, and services.”


Now, review the infographic below. It shows all of Gartner’s 10 projected trends for 2019. And by intelligent, digital, and mesh categories.

Strategic Technology Predictions for 2019

After looking at the graphic, click on the video summary.

10 Replies to “Strategic Technology Predictions for 2019”

  1. The “Immersive Experience” is showing a Virtual Reality headset. I’ve been on a game called VRChat, which offers people almost complete creative freedom to make sounds, animations, code, etc. and have as much virtual reality interactivity as they can afford. The potential for simulations for work, tests, or first-person movies could be extremely profitable in the future. Imagine being able to stand as a passive ghost in a future movie! You could even pause the movie, walk around and look at a single moment!

  2. This is our future; robots, virtual realities and other technological advancements that I can’t wrap my head around. It’s pretty fascinating to be growing up in this generation, seeing the changes happen and new technologies being implemented in society. However, thinking far ahead that potentially our world will be ruin by robots scares me, but I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

  3. The future of technology seems extremely fascinating. With new programs such as virtual reality and the anticipation of robots, these potential advancements are useful yet scary at the same time. VR allows you to experience anything to make you feel like you’re there and having robots in the future could be a disadvantage because it can put many people out of jobs.

  4. It is incredible to imagine how technology is about to completely change the entire world. I know some people are concerned that new technologies might increase unemployment because robots will be able to replace and improve the efficiency of any human. But it is a fact that virtual reality and robots will now be our future and it is fascinating to be able to live through these moments.

  5. AI and virtual reality are bases to some of the amazing things which can be accomplished from technology advances in the future. Some of these realities might seem far out and like they would be replacing the jobs of humans, but they could also make daily tasks a lot easier and more efficient. There does need to be a level of caution, however, when implementing that much power into something non- human, but it is exciting to see how technology will continue to improve our everyday lives from what is developed now and what is to come in the future.

  6. AI is a very interesting topic for many reasons. One being, it can help make our lives much easier and make tasks more efficient. A problem with many humans is that it will take away peoples jobs because a robot can do the same task as a human but for free. Also giving a computer a human like brain that can feel emotion can have its problems down the road. These AI are very smart and can think for themselves.

  7. Although AI and virtual reality are finding there places in the world, I think it is crazy how far we have come today in terms of technology and all it can do. Even though there are some great benefits that can come from AI robots such as preventing crime, I think it is a little scary to think that one day people will be going into stores and restaurants with robots assisting and serving them.

  8. Technological innovator have always been a measure of success of a civilization. These claims are nothing special and no different than the ones been made in the past. Anticipation is a bigger aspects of development than the actual development. A number of claims were made for cell phones and good predictors like Moore’s Law were used to predict the limits of computing. A lot of people do not realize that we are living in the technological changes we once feared. Every major shift in technology comes with some hazards, but as a whole, they only benefit a civilization.

  9. It is personally exhilirating to me to be living in this age of rapidly advancing technologies. With the emergence of new and cointinuously improving AI technologies, there is no telling how advanced we will be in, say, 50 years. It excites me to think about all of the possibilities. The idea mentioned above in the blog about using robots as security guards, for example, seems like a great and innovative idea. Not only this, but it astonishes me that they have the capabiltity to read license plates, report suspicious activity, and gather information to bring back. As much as it excites me, though, the thought of being responsible with technology also comes into play. We as humans must not go too far in replacing jobs and everyday things with too much technology, or else we will end up being controlled by the very things we created.

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