Yesterday, we looked at technology trends for 2019. And earlier this year, we studied how advertising media are still shifting. Now, we study advertising industry projections for 2019. This industry keeps on evolving and changing.

MediaCom Global: Advertising Industry Projections for 2019

MediaCom Global is the source of information for this post. At MediaCom:

“We believe that everything connects together. And that means a media agency must think and operate in an entirely new way. So new that we don’t even call ourselves a media agency anymore. We call ourselves The Content + Connections Agency. That’s our shorthand way of saying that we have a unique approach to planning and buying. Which goes across paid, owned, and earned media. And which can optimize our clients’ entire system of content and connections. Because we do not just focus on the individual channel silos within them.”

“For us, ‘content’ is the fuel for high-performing communications systems. As a result, it includes any form of consumer messaging that connects brands with consumers. ‘Connections’ involves how we guide the content around the system. Thus, it’s about having a closed-loop distribution strategy. And that ensures there are no dead ends or wastage. At first, we take a step back. Then, we see the bigger picture, designing content with the connection in mind. We call this Systems Thinking. And it’s proven to transform communications effectiveness.”

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Advertising Industry Projections for 2019

Next, view the video with MediaCom’s 2019 advertising predictions.

3 Replies to “Advertising Industry Projections for 2019”

  1. I believe the content and connections agency could be very effective because it is able to connect brands with consumers. It is a useful tactic as a distribution strategy because its mostly focusing on what consumers want.

  2. I think The Content + Connection Agency idea sounds very interesting and practical during this era when there are more ways to connect to consumers than just one channel. There is a system of company’s connections that advertisement needs access in order to transfer messages to consumers more successfully.

  3. I believe that the Content and Connections Agency notion could prove to be very effective. In this day and age, there are a multitude of ways to reach consumers, and more ways are continuing to emerge such as virtual reality and AI. If the advertising agency takes advantage of this and implements their Content and Connections Agency idea along with it I believe they will make a bigger overall impact on consumers.

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