As we noted last week, Black Friday discounts may not represent the lowest prices of the holiday season. Nonetheless, many people actively shop on Black Friday.  Experts predict a strong Black Friday 2018 ahead.


Anticipation High for a Strong Black Friday 2018 Ahead

Given the overall strength of the U.S. economy, a big Black Friday 2018 is not a surprise. But how big?

According to McKinsey:

“No longer a one-day shopping extravaganza, Black Friday kicks off an extended discount period running through Cyber Monday. This has become an established feature of the retail calendar on both sides of the Atlantic. And one that dramatically changes the way people shop in the run-up to Christmas. 

“More than 70 percent of consumers plan to get involved in Black Friday. With retailers outside the U.S. now participating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday, discounting stimulates more consumer participation.”

Strong Black Friday 2018 Ahead


“Consumer enthusiasm for Black Friday retail is running high. Excitement levels among U.S. (39 percent) and UK (36 percent) shoppers appear especially elevated. And around a quarter of Canadian (27 percent) and German (25 percent) shoppers eagerly anticipate the event.”

Strong Black Friday 2018 Ahead


“Asked the top motivational factors, 54 percent or more of consumers in all countries surveyed said steep discounts was their number-one reason. The opportunity to encounter unique one-off promotions was the second-most motivating factor for consumers. And followed closely by making Christmas gift purchases.”

Strong Black Friday 2018 Ahead


“Despite stating a clear objective to participate in Black Friday, consumers appear to be keeping their options wide open when it comes to exactly what they will purchase — and from whom.”


9 Replies to “Strong Black Friday 2018 Ahead”

  1. I personally have never been black Friday shopping, since I don’t see the need for it. Cyber Monday seems much more valuable; you don’t have to leave your home to deal with the crowds and you still get deals. Usually without the black Friday deals, with the holiday season there are always some kind of discount on possible gift items. I’m not surprised that this year is going to be the highest shopping rate.

  2. Over the years I have come to realize that going Black Friday shopping is not worth it. I have gone once a couple of years ago to see what dragged so many people into the stores, but saw for myself that there weren’t many deals that were worth waiting hours in line for. Many of the sales that happen prior to Black Friday, and after the holidays are a lot better. So to me it is interesting to see that the numbers still show such a big percentage of people who are excited/ happy to shop on Black Friday.

  3. I love sale items. I always try to look for the best deals, especially around the holidays. Everything is so expensive around this time of year that have a “month long” black Friday shopping experience is great. On Thanksgiving, I like to spend tie with my family and friends, therefore I prefer not to go out and shop even if prices are extremely low. However, I do understand why many people go out on black Friday for the experience and, of course, the sales.

  4. I personally am very excited for Black Friday shopping and have participated every year for at least the past 5 years straight. Black Friday has evolved a lot over the past decade and has become a big holiday and even to a point where it has overshadowed Thanksgiving with stores opening earlier and earlier every year. One statistic I found interesting from this post is that 12% of respondents said that one of their motivations for going shopping Black Friday is tradition because I think that statistic will be steadily increasing as Black Friday shopping becomes more popular. In my family we have made it a tradition to start shopping late at night on Thanksgiving and go shopping all through the night and this will be our fourth year doing this together and I am sure for many other families Black Friday is starting to become a “tradition”.

  5. I personally am very excited for Black Friday shopping as it is a tradition within my family that we go shopping together every year. For the past 5 years or so, my cousins, aunt, uncle, grandparents, and my family meet down in Virginia (where I am right now) and spend each Thanksgiving and Black Friday together. We go to a big mall that is located near my grandparents house on Black Friday and shop until we drop, hitting a few specific stores such as American Eagle, Bath and Body Works, and a couple more. So, one can say that my whole family has been actively participating in Black Friday shopping for some consecutive years as we fall under the “tradition” category. I have noticed, though, how we have become increasingly more excited in anticipating Black Friday shopping compared to Thanksgiving. I also believe that in today’s ever- changing world, Cyber Monday will continue to become more popular, and it makes me wonder if it will ever potentially replace physical shopping almost completely. The part about this post that does surprise me, however, is that the majority of Americans do not have a plan going into Black Friday shopping. My family and I do have a specific plan in place that consists of hitting certain stores, so it took me by surprise that a majority of people do not have specific things they are looking for or a specific place they want to go to.

  6. Turns out the black in Black Friday refers to company financial standings, where being in the red is bad, and being in the black is good. I originally thought black friday might be some holiday. I guess it is for shoppers. Also, it’s funny to watch people see something they bought not too long ago have a sale on black friday. “OH, If only I bought it later!”

  7. I am one of the few who have never actually participated in black friday shopping right after dinner, although I have gone during the day Friday a few times. For thanksgiving my family always goes all out and, like I am sure many families do, eats way too much food and drinks. We have dinner at my house with my whole moms side, then later go over to my uncles side to see my whole dads side for after dessert, staying there until late. I do not think the deals are all that worth it to go right at midnight, or now even earlier since the stores are open during the day Thanksgiving now often times. I think when stores were closed, it was more of a social event and tradition to go right when they open and get the best deals, but personally I would prefer to go later in the day on Friday or wait until cyber monday for the deals and not have to worry about going out in the crowds.

  8. I love Black Friday shopping. I think because I remember ever since I was little, I would travel with my parents to Miami to go shopping and we would go crazy since everything was so much cheaper than in Colombia. I am also the type that likes to try things on and see if I actually like them. But lately I’ve been a fan of online shopping and Cyber Monday because there is no need to leave your home and walk around with lots of bags, or wait in the longest lines to go in the store you want to buy.

  9. Black Friday shopping seems to be part of most peoples thanksgiving weekend. Many of my family members wake up early in the morning to go shopping. I have never been Black Friday shopping because I think its crazy. Lots of people have been hurt from people running over people. I do look into cyber Monday because it is much easier. You get to shop inside your house without any of the hoards of people.

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