Earlier this month, we reported on Universum’s 2018 study of U.S. business students’ top employers. Now, we look at the 2018 Universum survey of top global employers for business students. And the results are quite interesting.


2018 Universum Survey of Top Global Employers for Business Students

For its 2018 global survey, Universum surveyed 111,000 business students

“in the world’s 12 largest economies. For this report, the study took place during September 2017 to April 2018. And students addressed these topics. (a) Which employer characteristics are most influential as they weigh future employment? And (b), Which employer brands do they admire most. To be considered, a company must rank in the top 90% of employers within at least six of the 12 largest economies in the world. Universum’s 2018 World’s Most Attractive Employer report represents its tenth year.”

Key Findings:

“Work-life balance a more immediate focus.”

“Students in search of firms with innovation and purpose-driven impact.”

“Importance of work environment.”

“Gen Z students confident in their future success.”

“Young talent prefers to be built than bought. Thus, this emerging generation puts a significant focus on professional training and development. And development and future earning capacity suggest that employers favoring a ‘build’ vs. ‘buy’ talent strategy attract student talent.”

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Below, we show three tables from the report. Click them for a larger version.


World’s 50 Most Attractive Employers

2018 Universum Survey of Top Global Employers for Business Students


Business Students’ Career Goals

2018 Universum Survey of Top Global Employers for Business Students


Business Top Preferences

2018 Universum Survey of Top Global Employers for Business Students

10 Replies to “2018 Universum Survey of Top Global Employers for Business Students”

  1. Its still not shock that google is the number one company to work for. Also I noticed that many of the top accounting firms are in the top 5. I believe that a higher salary is not the most important part of choosing a company. Work/life balance is a huge part of where people may choose to work. Money is important but nobody wants to work their entire life away.

  2. I find the top four key findings to be right on point. I would also agree that work-life balance and the actual work environment are both very important factors in my own job satisfaction. I was a bit more surprised to see that the top preferred industries were in consulting and finance, where I would expect the Media and Marketing industries to be more popular with the rise of social media and the evolution of analytics and these types of tools. The top 3 companies were within my expectations, but I would never have guessed BMW would be so high on the list. Later in the report it states “Honing an employer brand requires delicate research and planning.” I agree that companies need to conduct research and ask employees themselves what they expect from companies. The level of satisfaction and comfort employees have at work can directly impact their productivity.

  3. It is unsurprising to me that Google ranks number one on this list. For the career goal, I believe that , these days, most of us sure aim to have a balance in our work and life.

  4. It is very interesting to see the ranking of the World’s Most Attractive Employers. There are certain companies like UBS that I expected to be ranked higher and companies like Adidas to be lower on the list. Furthermore, it is no shock to me that having a work-life balance is the most important goal career wise. I also agree that there is a big stress put on being able to grow and develop with in a company which tends to attract younger talents. This is connected to being able to be trained and not shy away from working in an environment where they feel as if they don’t belong because they don’t have enough knowledge or training.

  5. I am not shocked by much of these results. Google has been dominating all of the recent lists posted on the blog and remains popular on all fronts. Younger generations are beginning to put quality of life over pay. Though there is a major stress on more education now a days, young adults choose life quality and benefits over higher positions.

  6. Its interesting to see that how similar the career goals of business students are around the world, but also how different the preferences are global. I agree with the order that most countries have ranked their career goals and truly do believe that a work-life balance is so important. It allows you to be successful but still have a family and social life, so one doesn’t become a work-obsessed monster.

  7. Work-life balance is an important part of many people’s lives. As business students get older, get married, and have children, work-life balance is very important for them in order to manage the day-to-day activities in their life. Work environment is important to current business students more than it was thirty years ago. Years ago, salary might have driven happiness in the workplace but today it is very different as employees want an experience. They want to enjoy their time with family and friends outside of work as well.

  8. Although student’s want well-paying jobs, they don’t want to give up their whole lives to have them. Of course students want a work life balance after graduation, as that is what they have been balancing throughout their college career. Even if they enjoy their jobs, they still want to be able to live their lives outside of their career. I completely agree with this and think a work-life balance is very important in working at a company and staying there. Companies, such as Google and the Accounting firms at the top of the list, understand this, and seem to be doing their best to providing their employees with this balance.

  9. This article is interesting, especially in showing me the world’s 50 most attractive employers for business students. I was not surprised to see that Google is ranked at the top because for many students majoring in business, engineering, computer science or other fields, their dream careers are in Google. Most of the companies listed are familiar to me; however, there is one company I have never heard of before ranked at #3 – Ernest & Young. This report is helpful for me to not only to look for my future employers, but also to help me to have a better sense of knowing what my goals and my preferences are.

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