As we know, the job search tends to be stressful. And that especially applies to the interview stage of the process. In some cases, firms conduct numerous interviews with their best candidates. We realize that job candidates get frustrated by this. But are even firms well served by that approach? Today, we address this question. How many job interviews should companies conduct?

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Google Answers: How Many Job Interviews Should Companies Conduct?

For several years, Google researched how many interviews should companies conduct? And the findings contradict many firms’ practices.

As reported Michael Schneider for Inc.:

“Finding the right job candidate can be a challenge. Sometimes, it feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. When interviewing drags on, work goes incomplete. Other employees feel stressed and overextended. At the same time, hiring managers get impatient. And top talent begins flying off the shelf.”

“To avoid bad hires, Google used to subject candidates to a grueling 12-interview process. And this created many problems. Due to its status as a great employer, Google receives more than two million job applications each year. That makes landing a job at Google is 10 times harder than getting into Harvard.”

“To ensure the need for so many interviews, Google’s People Analytics Team examined five years of data and feedback. Specifically, they wanted to know how many interviews it took to predict whether or not a candidate would receive an offer. And Google found that after four interviews, the likelihood that another interview would improve a candidate’s chances of getting an offer dropped. For every extra interview, the law of diminishing returns set in.”

“This research, in addition to other experiments, led Google to follow the ‘Rule of Four.’ This change resulted in a two-week reduction in the average time-to-hire, saved Google employees thousands of hours in interviewing time, and helped reduce the already tedious process for candidates.”

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How Many Job Interviews Should Companies Conduct
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