A lot of companies follow the advice in these posts. Be Careful in Making Promises to Customers. 10 Tips on How Companies Can Be More Customer-Centric. Why the Customer Experience May Fail. But many also struggle with handling different kinds of difficult customers, And that is the topic of today’s post.

As Megan Darmody of Siege Media puts it:

“Have you ever had the challenging experience of dealing with a difficult customer that you didn’t know quite how to handle? If you work in customer service, sales, or marketing, it’s likely that you will encounter customers that are uniquely challenging. While every buyer is different, try to understand some common characteristics of difficult customers. Then, you’ll be better prepared to satisfy buyers during tough sales interactions. If you know how to handle a variety of challenging customers, your business will surely benefit.”


Handling Different Kinds of Difficult Customers

Meredith Wood of Fundera sums things up well:

No matter what industry you’re in, you’ve most likely dealt with a difficult customer. The issue you faced could have been beyond your control or a direct response to a mistake. Nonetheless, in business, you may encounter the good, the bad, and the ugly. It can be challenging to know exactly how to handle a difficult customer. But with the right tips and tactics, you’ll be prepared to navigate any situation that comes your way. Identifying which customer type you’re dealing with is the first step to successfully handling the incident.”

“Once you know what type of difficult customer you’re dealing with, keep a few key tips in mind. Approach each encounter uniquely and cater your communication method to the customer type with which you’re. Think about shifting your mindset. And look at every interaction as an opportunity to build rapport. Stay calm and professional no matter the situation. If you play your cards right, you’re likely to end up with a returning customer and in turn, avoiding customer churn.”

Fundera identifies 11 types of difficult customers in the infographic below. As well as how to deal with them.

Handling Different Kinds of Difficult Customers

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