In honor of its 50th anniversary, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are teaming up for Big Mac’s special Coke can. And this is a very entertaining approach. Too bad it’s not geared for the U.S. market. 🙁

The new campaign complements some of the marketing tactics separately applied by McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. For example:


Big Mac’s Special Coke Can

In 1968, McDonald’s introduced the Big Mac. So, here’s a billboard marking that event, from McDonald’s UK.

Big Mac's Special Coke Can -- From Intro to 50!

As Rachel White comments at YouTube:

“The brand is celebrating in Latin America with Coca-Cola and a modern take on the McDonald’s classic. The Big Mac turned 50 last month. And the fast-food chain is celebrating by teaming up with another icon – Coca-Cola. Brazilian agency DPZ&T is marketing the anniversary by turning the McDonald’s staple into a limited-edition Coca-Cola can.’We have done something unprecedented, a mashup of two great icons,” says Rafael Urenha of DPZ&T,’ Adweek reported. ‘It’s such a special tribute that only Big Mac could receive: a Coca-Cola can specially made for it.'”

“The can features a modern representation of the classic sandwich. ‘Five decades deserve a great celebration,’ Dan Gertsacov, CMO for McDonald’s in Latin America, said. “This is why we decided to show the power of this partnership that has always worked out. After all, a Big Mac with Coca-Cola is an ongoing perfect combination.’ It seems fitting for McDonald’s to turn to Coca-Cola to celebrate such a special anniversary. Because the fast-food chain has been praised for having the best tasting Coke. The special can will be given out for only a short time. And the can is only available in South America. Also, the marketing team revealed that only influencers and McDonald’s superfans can get their hands on it. Guess the rest of the McDonald’s-loving folks have to celebrate with a regular, edible Big Mac sandwich instead. Along a traditional Coke design.”

Take a look at a YouTube video for this campaign. It’s in English for a Latin American audience.


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