McDonald’s is constantly striving to improve itself and to be more distinctive both in the United States and internationally. See, for example, “McDonald’s Honest Self-Assessment – in Public!”

Here’s an example, as reported by Chris Snyder for Business Insider:

“When you think of McDonald’s, you typically think big golden arches and a red roof. This restaurant is much different. A unique McDonald’s in Freeport, Maine was installed inside an old mansion built back in 1850. It maintains the Victorian aesthetic and even offers lobster rolls for the complete New England experience. This is what it’s like.”


(Video from Business Insider)

2 Replies to “An “Upscale” McDonald’s”

  1. I do not think that McDonald’s should have turned the historic house into a restaurant. First, fast food places shouldn’t attempt to upscale themselves because the fast food industry isn’t meant to be upscale. People know what to expect when walking into a fast food eatery, and they are certainty not seeking high quality food or service. If I lived in that town I would be upset that a giant corporation, like McDonalds, transformed a historic house into a business. I also don’t think McDonalds would have maintained the original building if the town hadn’t required that the building retain its aesthetic.

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