Last week, we reported that Many Companies Remain Unready for GDPR. And now, we study how companies must respond to GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) by May 25, 2018. Just 17 days from today.

In this post, we look at what companies must do. And we show what a global firm — Google — is doing.


How Companies Must Respond to GDPR

According to Adam Satariano, writing for the New York Times:

“The law requires that terms and conditions be written in plain, understandable language, not legalese. Also, firms must give you options to block information from being gathered. If you live in a European Union member states, one change you may welcome. You are likely to see fewer shoe or appliance ads that follow you around the Internet after your online shopping.[And keep in mind that GDPR affects firms doing any online business in the EU, even if based elsewhere. Thus, U.S. firms operating online in the EU must comply.]

“The new law requires transparency about how your data are handled. And to get your permission before starting to use the data. It raises the legal bar that firms must clear to target ads based on personal data about your relationship status, job or education, or your use of Web sites and apps.”

“In [recent] weeks, Internet users have been receiving a stream of privacy policy updates — grocery store loyalty programs, train services, even apps that parents use for youth soccer all [MUST] set out what data they gather from you. As well as how they handle it. But the deluge of E-mails raises concerns that users agree without taking a closer look.” [Have YOU gotten such an E-mail and just skipped over it?]

“Firms argue that they are being careful to comply with GDPR. But Giovanni Buttarelli, who oversees an independent European Union agency that advises on privacy-related policies, remains unimpressed. He says the wave of privacy policy E-mails pose a “take it or leave it” choice. And that this leaves users thinking they must accept the terms to keep using a service. Rather than letting people choose what information to share.”


Important Google Updates About the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

U.S.-based Google has been sending this E-mail to comply with GDPR. Note the word “mandatory” below the message. “You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you about important changes to your Google product or account.”

Google also offers compliance tips for publishers and advertisers at this site.

How Companies Must Respond to GDPR

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