As we recently reported, Amazon Prime remains on a roll. Today’s post builds on one from a couple of years ago. We ask you to do a good deed with Amazon Smile at NO-COST to you. As of February 2018, more than $80 million in donations were made to charities through Amazon Smile.


The Popularity of Amazon Prime

Until recently, there were no Amazon-confirmed data on Prime membership. Yet, other sources made their own estimates.

Consider these two charts developed by Statista. Click them to visit the relevant Statista Web pages.

Amazon Prime Members as September 2017

Amazon Prime Membership by Household Income

Now, we have a better idea of Amazon Prime’s actual prowess. As Jonathan Vanian reports for Fortune:

Amazon Prime has over 100 million subscribers worldwide, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in April 2018. And this marked the first time the company disclosed such detailed information about its increasingly important subscription service. The online retail giant debuted Prime 13 years ago as a way for people to get free two-day shipping and to access to the company’s video streaming library.”

In the past, Amazon only disclosed vague information about the number of Prime subscribers, such as it having “tens of millions of members.” The updated number highlights the growth of the firm’s subscription service. Amazon has pushed it heavily over the years as a way to retain customers that in turn fuel its core retail business with each purchase. Still, Amazon stopped short of full disclosure of its Prime subscriber service, like how much revenue it generates.”


Do a Good Deed with Amazon Smile — FREE!!!!

Prime’s vast customer base, which shops at Amazon rather often, presents a huge opportunity for charitable groups. To facilitate donations, Amazon set up Amazon Smile.

THIS IS NOT A SALES PITCH. If you already shop at Amazon, there is an easy way to give to charity. Amazon Smile is an application that costs nothing to join or use when shopping. Through Amazon Smile, a 1/2% donation is made to the charity you choose when you shop. You can type in any charity you want. [Just type in the name of the charity instead of selecting one of the recommended ones.] 🙂

To learn more about Amazon Smile, click here.

Do a Good Deed with Amazon Smile

To sign up for Amazon Smile, click here.

Note: Amazon Smile works whether or not you are a Prime member — at no cost to you.


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  1. I think Amazon Smile is a prime example of a mega-company using its vast reach for the greater good. It’s especially great because you don’t have to be a Prime member in order to donate via Amazon Smile eliminating any obstacle and/or reason for an individual to not donate. This program that Amazon has set up has the added benefit of boosting the company’s overall image on top of raising money for various charities. For all of Amazon’s recent missteps this is one thing that they got very right and will hopefully set a precedent for other major companies across various industries to give back.

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