Long-time businesses need to live in the present and plan for the future. Harry & David has been a leader in selling gift products for more than 80 years. Take a look at this video for a quick overview of the retailer. Harry & David’s modernizing is important for its future.


As these examples show, customer gift shopping is an interesting phenomenon. There is much to be learned about it. U.S. Consumers Start 2017 Holiday Shopping.   What Influences Gift Giving Behavior?   Are YOU a Gift Splurger?

Harry & David has been a key part of the 1-800-flowers.com family of businesses since 2014. Besides, Harry & David, 1-800-flowers. com operates these businesses. 1-800-baskets.com (which includes gifts for pets). fruitbouquets.com. Cheryl’s Cookies. Popcorn Factory. Stock Yards (steaks and chops). And Wolferman’s (baked goods).

Let’s look at Harry & David’s modernizing. We emphasize its revamped customer-friendly Web site, which is now much stronger.


Harry & David’s Modernizing

Harry & David recently introduced a major overhaul of its Web site. Much of its business these days is online, rather than by mail order.

As reported by  Jacqueline Renfrow for FierceRetail: 

“Harry & David has a new look across its Web site, mobile site, catalogs, E-mails, and social media channels. As part of its refresh, the brand is making its E-commerce site easier to use in time for the holiday season. ‘The Harry & David brand refresh reflects our commitment to continually enhance the customer experience,’ Steve Lightman, president of Harry & David, told FierceRetail. ‘It’s also why the site redesign incorporates not only our new brand look but new functionality, improved navigation, and enhancements based on customer suggestions we’ve received. The holiday season is when is Harry & David shines, so it’s the perfect time to launch our new brand look, feel, and tone.'”


Click the image to read more from Renfrow about the Harry & David Web redesign. 

Harry & David's Modernizing. Check out its greatly revamped Web site

5 Replies to “Harry & David’s Modernizing”

  1. It is often overlooked how important and sometimes challenging it is for businesses to adapt to modern consumer preferences. When a business has been around for dozens or possibly even hundreds of years, it can be difficult to completely rethink what to market to consumers and how to market it. The creation of the company Harry & David was a brilliant idea. The products the business sells as gifts such as gift baskets, popcorn, fruit and more are timeless presents that almost every person of any time period will likely love. Hopefully Harry & David will be successful in continuing to adapt to changing times so the company can continue to thrive.

  2. It is so exciting to see an 80 years history company fulfills innovation. Under intense market competition, the old model business can be easily replaced by new trend business. Harry & David is so smart to change its strategy by time and always recreate its brand value. Since 80 years history helps Harry & David distinguish from its competitor, it will be more successful in the future.

  3. As a company that has been around since 1934 there is a certain image that Harry & David portrays. Having the culture of the company evolve to be a more modern display is important in this day and age to compete with other companies.

  4. Harry and David is a company that my grandmother loves, but I had never heard of otherwise. On that note, I think it’s a great idea that this company is rebranding itself. Making changes will ensure that this company remains successful for 80 more years to come.

  5. Gift is always something confuse me, because it is hard to pick a good gift for my friends. This article helps me a lot and I think I can find something nice on the Harry & Davide for my friends.

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