For our career development, there is much to learn from experts in any field. That is the topic for today. Great career advice: faster learning tips. Take a look at these past posts on career advice. 


Great Career Advice: Faster Learning Tips

One of the biggest mistakes that we can make is to rely on our friends and family for career advice. Your friends may be smart. And they have will your best interests at heart. But they represent a limited perspective on what it takes to be successful in  a job search. Or what job really fits your personal attributes.

One of our attributes that affects our career development is our ability to grasp concepts quickly. So, what can we do to learn faster? Really, to do better in grasping concepts? Hence, great career advice: faster learning tips.

As Jessica Stillman reports for Inc.:

“In the video below, the always entertaining Tim Ferriss explains techniques he used to teach himself to play a song on the drums in front of a live audience in only a week. This is a fun feat that pushed Ferriss to think carefully about how to learn fast and come up with useful rules of thumb. But it’s hardly the most impressive example of learning one can imagine. In a world that includes the theory of relativity, the plays of Shakespeare, and a Worldwide Web of instantly connected supercomputers, it’s not difficult to come up with other people who might have even more authority to talk about how to learn hard things quickly. Thankfully, the geniuses behind just these sorts of jaw-dropping feats of intellect have been more than willing to share their tips. In fact, figures no less respected that Albert Einstein, his fellow physics Nobel laureate Richard Feynman, and super entrepreneur Elon Musk have all offered practical advice anyone can use to accelerate their learning of the subject of their choice.”



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Great Career Advice: Faster Learning Tips. It's not difficult to come up with people who might have strong wisdom to talk about how to learn hard things quickly.

7 Replies to “Great Career Advice: Faster Learning Tips”

  1. This post is very insightful as I have a lot of friends applying to jobs now and trying to get their first “real job” in the workforce. A lot of my friends come to me for job advice because I juggle working 30 hours a week now at a law firm and school. Many of them are overwhelmed with the application and interviewing process. The best advice I could give to them was to break down their day and create a generic schedule for themselves. Yes, sometimes you cannot always follow a schedule, but it gives you some direction as to what you should be working on next to achieve your goal whether it be an hour of studying or researching the next company you are interviewing with.

  2. This post was immensely helpful in putting new experiences into perspective, but also vaguely familiar. I had my first ever professional job experience when I interned at a law firm over the summer. I’ve never been in that environment let alone given such responsibility in important situations. However, I already consider myself a fast learner such that I have grown up to critically think about the situations I am in and seeing how I can make the experience as easy and effective as it can be. Without consulting with Albert Einstein’s advice, I always try to find the fun in such responsibilities because then doing activities would be difficult and inefficient. Furthermore, I always found myself breaking words and concepts down to layman, or child-like, terms (like what Richard Feynman says) in order to understand an order or activity better.

  3. This post is very informative and helpful. We are at the age where getting a career is right around the corner. Though it is a frightening thought I do think that this specific advice could be extremely helpful for college students. I know I am not taking this advice lightly. It is important to set goals in an organized manor and to efficiently pursue them.

  4. It is helpful for me! I am looking for a job right now and also need to deal with my homework. Sometimes I feel stressful because I can’t balance all the things well. But after watching that I think that maybe because I didn’t do a good plan of my daily life so that I would make somethings in a mass or make myself feel stressful.

  5. This was helpful for me because in this world theres so many things to learn and do at the same time, oftentimes things like marketing tests go to the wayside, and people need to earn extra credit points and write comments on blogs. But these are great tips that any student could implement that I may even implement on future classes tests, such as for example, marketing classes. Thanks!

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