JetBlue is known for its superior customer service. This helps engender customer loyalty, According to fliers’ ratings of the airline industry (as reported by the American Customer Satisfaction Index),  JetBlue is the highest-rated domestic airline for customer satisfaction. To make sure it stays on top with customers, JetBlue is introducing new software to make complaint-handling a seamless experience.


JetBlue Integrated Software to Track Complaints

As Ryan Craggs reports for Condé Nast Traveler:

“The airline has announced a partnership with the startup Gladly, which, according to a statement released by JetBlue, ‘allows customers to move from one communication channel — such as phone, text, chat, E-mail, tweet, or even Facebook message — to the next without taking valuable time to repeat and recap their previous conversations.’ That means going forward, every interaction you have with JetBlue will be collated into one place. In the current setup, all those modes of communication are cordoned off from one another, so there’s no way for a gate agent to know that you’ve already spoken with customer service on the phone, or for the person behind the Twitter account to know that you’ve also already spoken to the gate agent.”

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  1. Jet Blue is the industry leader in customer service, and this partnership will only make it even better. I think that it is great that they continue to look for ways in which they can improve their brand and it will pay off for them because they already have a great reputation. Anything that makes it easier for the customer, such as streamlining the communication between customers and the company,is going to only benefit both parties. Many airlines can learn a ot from Jet Blue.

  2. Since Jet Blue is already the leader in customer satisfaction, the investment in this new customer relations technology is definitely a great idea. This new system of monitoring complaints and customer reviews is an amazing way to see all complaints in one place. This gives the company the resources to handle complaints more efficiently. Now that we live in a world where people will take any complaint they have to social media, this can prove itself to be really helpful to a company.

  3. This new software is a great idea for JetBlue; this can take out a lot of hassle for customers. Making them even more dominant in customer service. Many people get frustrated with how many different times they need to repeat their complaints, this software will allow you to say it only once. JetBlue will also be able to improve easier from implementing this new way customer service aspect.

  4. This is potentially revolutionary to the customer service industry, and more specifically the airline industry, which yields tons of complaints each year. Everyone can relate to the frustration of being stuck on hold, only to be transferred somewhere else and then having to re-explain your situation. It will be interesting to see if this system actually works well in casual use, or if it’s just a good idea that can’t be executed practically. JetBlue is taking a step towards innovating how customers interact with large corporations, and I would not be surprised if other companies begin to follow suit.

  5. Jet Blue is taking it to the next level with it’s partnership with Gladly. Jet Blue is already the leader in customer service and is now going above and beyond for their customers. This is going to make it more efficient for the airline to manage customer complaints and to resolve the issues.

  6. Amid all of the recent airline scandals/issues, Jet Blue is really enhancing its already popular image by partnering with Gladly. The service gives Jet Blue and its users a common platform to communicate and integrates the most important forum through which most people communicate nowadays, social media. Through this partnership, Jet Blue is affirming its strong connection to its customers and giving them the sense that their thoughts really do matter; this is essential for a consumer to feel most satisfied by a certain company/organization.

  7. A new technology enacted to filter, organize and bring to light customers complaints? It would seem Jet Blue is trying to get ahead of the curve to satisfy customer’s problems before they are made public. Solving a customers, usually simple, problem is much more beneficial than them tweeting about it and the companies social media presence be put at stake. The use of the relatively new start up company is the only worrying piece of news. Hopefully all the kinks will be worked out well in advance of product launch.

  8. Jet Blue’s decision to partner with a startup such as Gladly indicates its initiative to try and connect through other segments of life either through social media or other means. This can only boost its already stabilized image which has been able to maintain a steady relationship with customers through customer service. Eventually by means of this partnership and the introduction of this software, developments in dealing with the complaints will be met.

  9. Jet Blue continues to show how much it cares about customer satisfaction. This is one of the reasons why Jet Blue has such a strong base of customers with severe loyalty to the customers. As a consumer, it can be stressful an irritating to have to re-tell your story of poor customer service a million times to get anything rectified. What Jet Blue is doing will ultimately lead to more happy customers and a greater profit margin for the company.

  10. Jet Blue “keeps flying in the right direction.” While I am not a frequent flyer, my personal experience flying with Jet Blue a couple of years ago was very pleasant. What Jet Blue is doing now with the software is clearly an example of why it is known for its superior customer service. Jet Blue clearly strives to make its customer experience, stress free and enjoyable. As evidenced by its in-flight entertainment i.e. TV’s. In this age of technology, while most people enjoy being on their cellphones and computers, the fun quickly ends when they have to file a complaint with a business after running into a problem with them. It is clear that many improvements can be made in this area and it takes a company that has the desire to do so, to get it off the ground. Clearly, Jet blue had the desire. Kudos to Jet Blue for flying to those heights. They have a passenger in me for life.

  11. Jet Blue’s partnership with Gladly is a great idea. The airline is already a top airline, and ideas like this will continue to keep Jet Blue prestigious. The only thing about Jet Blue is that, while they are great with customer service, accommodations, etc., they are sometimes pricey. But if you’re willing to pay a little extra for the guarantee of a great flight, Jet Blue is the best option.

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