This year, Hofstra University is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its recognition of the business school as a distinct entity within the University, hence “Zarb at 50.” One of the anniversary events comprised well-attended videotaped presentations by President Rabinowitz and five distinguished alumni, followed by a reception.

We are making the videos available in three ways: (1) We are posting 6 separate videos over the next couple of weeks that are divided by speaker. (2) At the Hofstra YouTube channel, a special playlist with each of the separate presentations is available. Click here. (3) At the Hofstra YouTube channel is the entire 1.5 hour event in one video. Click here.

Today, we are highlighting the presentation by Ms. Stella M. Mendes, a Hofstra alumna with a BS in Professional Studies, who is managing director at FTI Consulting based in New York. Ms. Mendes has more than 25 years of diverse banking industry experience and is a leader in FTI’s bank regulation and governance practice. Since joining FTI, she has led numerous reviews for banks, money service businesses, and other financial service providers. Ms. Mendes has established and enhanced many policies, procedures, and processes to ensure compliance with regulations and has led several compliance “look-back” reviews. She also provides advisory services on regulatory responses, anti-money laundering training to banks and other financial services firms, and gives webinars on regulatory compliance best practices.


3 Replies to “Zarb at 50 (3): Presentation by Stella M. Mendes, Distinguished Alumna”

  1. I was at the event from the beginning to the end, I think every speaker had a theme, I like Ms. Mendes’s speech.It’s true that we should keep the passion to learn the world to learn from others, and as women employees, we should be confident in our professional field. Another thing is we should help others and have good networking with others, and we can have more opportunities in our career.

  2. I have to say it is so exciting to know that she is a Hofstra alumna. Ms. Mendes served as president and chief operating officer of First National Bank of New York (FBNY). Additionally, she served as the compliance and secrecy officer for the bank, interfacing with regulatory agencies and coordinating all communications and the regulatory exam process. And I also understand how to work hard and built my opportunities.

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