Are you having trouble preparing your first resume or in updating your current resume — or just interested in a better-looking resume? If your answer is yes, then check out these FREE templates:



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  1. Building a solid resume is so important when going out into the workplace. Free resume building is great, but I believe that seniors (or even juniors who are seeking employment post graduation) who are graduating from college and entering into the work place with their new degree will benefit from investing in a neck turning resume. Getting invited to an interview is a difficult thing because so many prospective employees are filtered out just because of their resume. The resume is the new “first impression”. The content is important, but the visual is even more important. I worked with a professional from the company ElevatedResumes to design my resume to fit my personality, and to stand out among all of the other competition. I am a senior graduating from Hofstra University and I applied to 3 of the 4 “big 4” accounting firms; PwC, Ernst & Young, and Deloitte, and I received offers from all 3 of them. Every single one of the partners that I interviewed with were blown away by my resume and every single one of them asked me where I got it done, or how I did it. Some of them even asked for the information for the company so that they could pass along the information. The graphic design and personalization put into a resume can truly increase someone’s chance at getting in the door for the interview. My advice to people seeking jobs – don’t underestimate the power of a well done resume. Check out some resumes at to see if anything pops out to you.

  2. Building a resume is so important. It’s one of the determinations if you get the job of your dreams or don’t, I’m currently working on my resume and I can find it frustrating because even though its a list of everything you’ve done throughout college, you want it to “look” great too. Format and style is key to making the resume represent you. I will be applying to nursing programs this summer since I am a senior currently at Hofstra. I will defiantly look into these links and make my resume stand out from the rest and look the best!

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