Are you miserable at work, feel stuck in a rut and underappreciated, and think you’re not paid what you’re worth? Then, it is probably time to be hunting for a new job. BUT, be SURE you are acting rationally and not emotionally before you quit your current job.

Here is a video from CareerHMO on “5 Things You MUST Consider Before Quitting Your Job.”


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  1. I really liked this video from CarrerHMO about 5 things you must consider about leaving your job. This video can really help a lot of people if they are not happy with their current job. This video really hits home that you have to be 100% sure that this job is not the one for you and make sure you try everything to make it work.

  2. I think this video is a great and really helpful video from CareerHMO. I think this video would be helpful to so many people, especially myself two years ago back when I quit my job. I also think having a second job lined up is important because you’ll still have money in your bank account and wallets.

  3. This video was interesting and very helpful. Currently, most college students have been employed, or are currently employed at a part time job. In my case, I have been working at the same part time job for the past three years and have debated for a long time whether I should quit. In my hometown I work seasonally as a lifeguard. I really love being a lifeguard, but recently the company I have been working for applies to every point proposed on this list. In the past I have switched companies because I was displeased with their management style, but now the company that I have been with for 3 years is just as uninteresting as my previous one. Reading this list helped to reaffirm my prior thinking that when you have done all you can for your job, and received all you would need from it, it is time to move on. Of course I will make sure I have a new job lined up before I move on, but this article reassured me that remaining in a mundane cycle at a part time job hinders your growth.

  4. The tips presented in the video seems like pretty standard points to evaluate before deciding to leave a job. It is important to make a logical decision, rather than an emotional decision. It is vital to work in a position long enough to really become efficient at the job, or at least acquire enough experience that can be used at a different job. It is also important to not let personal circumstances affect your decisions at work, which is obviously easier said than done. When making a major life decision like deciding to leave a job, it is important to take a decent amount of time to evaluate these points in order to make a rational decision that will not be regretted.

  5. This is definitely an important video for anyone who is currently employed or will eventually be working. Knowing how to quit will be an important part of someones professional reputation. Employers talk and people want to know that you carry yourself in a professional manor in everything you do, even quitting. Letting the company know in advance is important because it allows them to prepare for the lost position and it gives them time to find a replacement. This courtesy prevents the company from being caught off guard and allows you to leave in a respectful manor.

  6. This video gives people a lot to think about in regards to quitting their current jobs. While it can be easy to simply want to quit and walk away from a job, this video highlights several things that definitely should be taken into consideration when it comes to quitting. Between making sure you’ve stayed and have enough experience to leave to having another job lined up afterwards, these tips raise important points that anyone should keep in mind.

  7. I think this video provides a lot of insight on to whether or not you should quit your job. Taking these ideas into account, one might be less inclined to quit their job, especially in our economy. I thought the two-year rule was the most insightful, some things simply take time to click and you’ll develop a feel for your particular area of interest eventually.

  8. This video talk about several useful tips and some common problems when you are thinking about to quit your current job. I strongly agree the challenge that mentioned in this video. Everyone has their own career strategy that means we should improve ourself constantly. When we find the current position can not make yourself better, then you need to constantly find ways to upskill. Also I think every job you got, we should have right attitude and work 2 years at least, because many employers are more prefer loyal employee, hiring worker is a kind of investment for the company, bosses will pay money to train or something else. So, intelligent job plan is important for everyone.

  9. This is definitely a video to watch when you are stuck in a “funk” and are not sure if you are happy with the way things are going. Therefore, not being happy will result in wanting to quit. However, I believe the five points she has pointed out in the video will help determine if its just you being stuck in a “funk” or really need to quit. When there is a lot going on in my personal life, things that go on in school seem like a bigger deal than it really is. For example, I got an 80 on my accounting exam and immediately because I was stressed with personal issues, I jumped to the conclusion that I was not meant to be in the business field. An 80 is not bad at all, however it is mediocre and that is not good enough for me. At the end of the day, it was one test grade that will not determine the path of my future career. Also it is true that you do not automatically become good at something when you first try it. The point she makes about being at the job for two years is crucial because there may be some ropes you still need to learn and become accustomed too. If you quit too soon, you could possibly be missing some great opportunities along they way that you may like. In the end, you should never quit something too soon because you do fail in order to succeed. Success does not come easy.

  10. I have always been told never to quit a job without having another one lined up, so I anticipated hearing that in this video; however, I learned other new tips that I hadn’t thought about before. For example, the two year rule. I wouldn’t have thought that I could keep developing and perhaps enjoy a job more if I stayed for at least two years. Before I would have thought that I don’t want to waste my time, so if I find something better, take it, but after watching the video, I might stop to reconsider. Also, considering the job I have now, although I hate it and wanted to quit most days when I was working over the summer, I knew that the skills I learned there would be helpful to add on my resume and translate to other jobs.

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