According to some pundits, blogs are not as important to businesses as they once were. But we at Evans on Marketing strongly disagree.

The following infographic from Big Rock, a domain service company, does a nice job of illustrating the value of blogs to businesses.


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  1. My company is starting to implement a blog for our content. This graphic ensures that the shift towards a more “casual” approach through a blog will definitely benefit our marketing exposure. Great!

  2. Blogging is becoming a very useful way for business promotion right now. Because more and more businesses have realized the importance of inbound marketing, and blogging is an effective approach of inbound marketing. But there’s one thing for e-marketers to know, it’s still about the content, only the content with great value could bring you big number of followers.

  3. I do agree that the blogging is important. Yes, it true that one blog post might not change the outcome of the company. But it is important to have many great contents out there because that will improve search engine optimization. This day and age, very commonly people do a quick research online when they’re deciding on a purchase. A lot of people will visit more than just the official site to learn more about the product or service. It is important to educate prospects in every way possible.

  4. I was doubting about this idea. Because I witnessed that the Chinese companies seldom push their blogs. Or there is no blog. Basically, they devote much effort on social media like Twitter which provides fragment information. It seems that it is trendy of doing so. Then I figure out blog can be more informative. To let the blog works with social media can really increase the traffic for both sides. The problem is the generating of content is quite difficult for small business due to lack of resources. Otherwise, the blog is meaningless due to lack of attractive content which is related to brand itself. So using blog can be beneficial and pressure at the same time for most business.

  5. Blogging is very crucial. One blog wouldn’t change anything, but the more there is will have a greater chance. This will improve optimizing the search engine. For example, when I need to know something I’ll go to various sites to find out the answer the most optimal wat. The more educated the better.

  6. there is no doubt that the blog is very important for business right now, but I don’t think that will last to the future, because the people increasingly prefer to read the brief sentences, look the photos, watch the video, in stead of to read a long paragraph, I think this is the reason why the Instagram becoming more and more popular.

  7. I agree with the voice that blogging is very important to businesses. Except for those reasons that Dr. Evans noticed, I also believe blogging is critical because by doing so, firms show consumers that they are active, communicating with outside, and doing well in business. That is definitely a positive signal.

  8. This blog lets me know that blogging really makes a great contribution to the company’s success, which increases more than 55% increase for the traffic. It is a really huge number. In today’ s world, social media really plays an important role, even more important than the website. Because more and more people concern about the social media and like to share the ideas online .

  9. Blogging is becoming a more and more important method for E-marketing. It is a professional way for e-marketers to do online marketing promotion. Keep blogging will present educational content to attract certain amount of people to fall into your business. I do agree with the blogging idea, because social media is becoming more and more effective in marketing. Posting blog will definitely do a lot of benefits for companies to get a better position in the market.

  10. Blogs are a source of information that comes straight from the person. It is important for customers and businesses to be updated on what is going on with companies. We are in the age of the internet and most people get their news from the internet nowadays. Without blogs, people wouldn’t know what is happening in a business, thus bordering them away from more traffic.

  11. The best friend of Business corperation is Blog.. Blogs is cheap, quick and effective. Businees could catch potential customers and educate them, or blog company’s news to do publication. The communication between consumers and company could be easier by blog. The most important is, the investment of blog could be very small, which means no mater the size of corperation, the blog is an affordable and economic way to do marketing.

  12. Blogging is a very important method of content marketing, which can increase the search rating of the website and increase your brand recognition. Many companies have already set up their company blogs and update blogs regularly. Customers can know more about the brand and the company better with blogging.

  13. It’s clear that blog posts are an important part of online marketing nowadays because they provide an easy way to push new content to an audience. Instead of coming up with complex new marketing campaigns or new ads, blogging allows for a cheap, easy way to engage potential customer and keep reminding them of a company’s existence.

  14. I agree that every business should have a blog. Now that computers and mobile phones are in almost every home, a business is able to reach to a wider range of people. Connecting to people on something that they use everyday can lead to positive impacts on a business. Blogs also allow people to talk with the business itself and connect on a personal level.

  15. Blogging is great way to show content to people. The world of blogging is limitless and many people are attracted to blogging and reading blogs. Through blogging a company can reach audiences that they otherwise might not be able to. As long as blogs are updated frequently, readers will continue to come back and generate more traffic.

  16. Blogs are a fantastic way for companies to keep consumers informed and to also receive consumer feedback. Blogs are a seemingly free, quick and effective platform that promote and keep constant stir from the company.

  17. The statistics shown in this infographic show that companies keeping a blog is a no brainer. It will help add that consumer connection that makes customers feel in the loop. More businesses should dip into this trend to help their branding.

  18. Blogs are another great way for consumers to get information about companies and offers companies a larger market to target. Blogging is a low cost high-reward marketing activity that firms are realizing high results, thats why 17% of companies are planning to ramp up their blogging efforts.

  19. It is Interesting to see that businesses are looking to blog more in efforts to increase their profits. As a student It is easy to see blogging simply as a hobby or something done to critique or comment on other businesses or companies, while in reality it is companies turning to blogging themselves. Blogging is a great way to share ideas and content and I am interested to see where this takes leading companies in the future.

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