We should already feel that we can from virtually any situation or event. But from romantic movies? YES, this is for fun — however, there are serious lessons too. 🙂



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  1. This is an interesting and fun topic. The 12 slides do in fact in some way relate to marketing. My favorite one was slide 3 to make a great product and the connection with “you had me at hello.” Believe it or not that would make a great product if people instantly want to buy it at the first glance.

  2. It is an unique view that marketing and romantic movies have got so many characteristics in common, such as “spend money”, ” create experience” and “find an enemy”. Like good atmosphere and experience could lead to a romantic affair, creating excellent shopping experience for customers than your rivals during sale and after sale is also an important marketing strategy for marketers to follow.

  3. I loved this post simply because I am a huge film-buff. But, yes, it does have some ironic connection to marketing! I think the idea of using pictures over words is great because often people are too lazy to read, quite honestly! Pictures show exactly what to expect. I specifically loved lesson four because I’m a huge Breakfast at Tiffany’s fan 🙂 ; but on a serious note, it is true that money is a pain factor in purchasing anything! That should be remembered at all times by consumers and producers.

  4. This is the perfect guide on how to be a successful marketer. It incorporates both a fun and educational aspect to attract the attention of more people. The best part of this is that its easy to understand. Marketing is seen in every field, especially the romantic one.

  5. It’s interesting to see how marketing can be learned through romance movies. This was really cool to see and I definitely agree with number 6. I feel that marketing lessons can be learned everyday in many situations, but this was an example of using real life movies. There are plenty of movies out there that exhibit at least one of these 12 lessons.

  6. Romantic movie has a clue which the story always from two strangers know each other first and love each other as a end. Business is like this. When we open a new company, we have to introduce our company to strange customers and then we like each other by making them loyalty customers. Business road is as tough as love road. They both experience understand, separate, choose, decide, argue, plan and etc. Sometimes for salesperson we always know, they sell products to every stranger with love. They look at them as their lovers so that they are good salesmen.

  7. I was skeptical at how romantic movies would be able to teach a lesson about marketing, but this post definitely did. This is an interesting presentation because it shows us that marketing can really be tied to just about anything. It would be interesting to see what other industries this could be done with and what lessons would be taught by each. I think this post shows that once people see that marketing is everywhere, they are less intimidated by the task and can think creatively to communicate with their consumers.

  8. I never would have thought that someone could learn marketing lessons from a romantic movie. I love to watch Romantic Comedies so this is an entertaining post to me. I’ve heard almost every one of those lines before, but never have I ever thought of them in a marketing perspective.

    Michaela Cody; MKT 101 section 1

  9. I feel every kind of marketer can learn from this! I’ve heard these common tropes before but never in these perspectives! I feel that every romantic movie does incorporate at least one of these 12 topics, very cool to see!

  10. Everyone learns in different ways, and this method of relating a lesson to a widely understood concept is a great way to get a message across. The relationship between romance films and marketing is completely unexpected but grabbed my attention to continue reading through the lessons.

  11. Though the presentation was a bit short, it was entertaining. “Find an enemy” is more of a result of company marketing rivalry, reminiscent of the console wars that occur every generation, “Standing for something” is the basis of any company’s marketing long term strategic perspective, “Spending money” is really a given, and “Creating experiences” entails providing a good service. The only slide here that we can say modern day companies are deviating from is the “Making a great product” slide. The planned obsolescence model entails that we’ll be getting worse and worse products, at least from a quality perspective.

    Sure, profits go up and costs go down, but to what end?

  12. I love that this presentations manages to connect aspects of marketing to older romantic films. It gives a good way of thinking about things and connecting them to familiar images which helps get the message across better for some people. I think it was a very creative way to get short message across.

  13. I think that relating marketing to old romantic movies is a very cute and fun way to get the message across to people who don’t necessarily know what marketing is. This blog post definitely grabbed my attention. For example, lesson number 10, using pictures and not words definitely grabs peoples attention, especially the younger generations. Lesson number 8, don’t talk about products, reminds me of that new heath care commercial with the dirty dancing scene, they don’t talk about the product and yet the commercial still grabbed the peoples attention.

  14. I never would have that romantic movies could give your marketing tips and advice. I think getting these lessons from a romantic movie is a good way to switch things up and a less as to limit yourself as to what you can learn. This article goes to show that any resource can be used to help you in your field of study or whatever your doing for that matter.

  15. This article tells us some useful guides through the simple words. There is one guide I think very important especially for the social media sites management . It says don’t talk about your product. In real life ,when we enter the company’s social media sites,they are always full of the companies’ product information. I think these companies should consider how to deliver the company’s advantage without introducing the product information directly.

  16. Recently I watched a great movie called The age of Adaline. It is a love story and romantic movie. Those points stated in the powerpoint are so true that I can easily rate to this movie. For example, ” keep secrets and build mystery”. In this movie, because some reasons, the actress – Adaline would be never aged after a car accident happened. She had to keep this secret to her lovers and would not stay to close to her lover to avoid knowing by her lover, which make her lover liked her more. If a company can produce a product that make people feel mystery and want to know more, it can be a successful product.

  17. It is true that living in a marketing industry is a love story. Begin a relationship is easy but how to maintain this relationship is hard. There are always going to have external elements interrupted this relationship, like enemies. Only thing you need to do is attracting you partner by providing creative and interesting ideas. Therefore, they can not take their eyes off you.

  18. It is true! but I don’t understand the lesson 8″keep secrets and build mystery“ ,on the other hand, a good marketer also should like a good director,who are good at good at telling a story and using pictures to attract people.

  19. Since I have watched most of these movies but didn’t find anything with marketing, I think maybe I’m not professional enough. May be I should try to find something tommorow while watch .

    But I do noticed one thing about marketing while watching movies. It’s the cooperation of brands and movies. And to be honest not all of the ads could get customers good impression. When i watch Furious 7, I just fell some parts of this movie is so cliche, and the main purpose is just give the more scene to the car.

  20. This blog looks very funny and interesting for me. I love watching different kinds if movies. For me, romantic movies is like a cup of tea. At first drink, you feel hot. You need to wait, just like you need to wait the girl love you. Then, you feel sweet. Love gives you sweet and happy as well. Then, you feel bitter, so is love, We all met the stage of bitter love. Then, you feel warm, you cannot imagine they are both in common.

    From the romantic movie, you can find a lot information and use them into marketing strategy. Finding customers, spending money, branding products, etc. They are in common.

  21. This is such an interesting post. Marketing and romantic really have a few things in common. For example, make sure don’t talk about your purpose at the first time, otherwise your target won’t be interested in hanging out with you. Besides, you have to keep maintaining your relationship with the other part even though you are familiar enough with each other, or a break up is not something impossible.

  22. This is a clever way to connect with pop culture and the marketing industry. In my opinion, romance and marketing do have a connection. For example, when you first meet someone, you do not want to tell them every thing about you. You want to leave some things a mystery. Just like a company wants to draw you in with bits and pieces and let you learn the rest the more you try and use the product. Films will always put one line in that will be iconic, and companies should make a slogan that will be iconic for that product as well.

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