The current issue of the McKinsey Quarterly focuses  on the “dawn of marketing’s next golden age, new ways to create value in the sales channel, the power of people analytics, and more.”

Click the image to access the 112-page report. Lots to learn!

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  1. The 5 S’s that lead to great marketing revealed in this E-book are very important for future marketers. They include Science, Substance, Story, Speed, and Simplicity. Substance deals with the content of the message that must have a benefit to the consumer. This has not changed much. Speed and simplicity deal with how quickly you can respond to changes in consumer tastes and how quickly you can get the message out there in a direct and simple way. The two that are changing at a rapid pace are science and story. Story has to deal with the creativity behind the message. This is the true attention grabber for the target audience. Good storytellers will always be in demand, but with the rapid changes in technology constantly occurring, these stories need to be constantly adapted to the lives of the audience. Science deals with the technical aspect of marketing and analyzing large amounts of data. Data analytics is a growing field that will allow marketers to use their data in the most optimal way. Overall, this section is very useful for marketers and should be read by all.

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