Do you ask yourself several relevant questions BEFORE starting a job search? You should. We’ve written about this before as part of our personal SWOT analysis.

Consider these observations from Tai Goodwin, writing for Careerealism:

“The perfect time to start your job search is before you begin feeling a desperate need to get out of your current position. One of the worst times to start a job search is when you feel like your back is up against the wall.”

“Deciding to search for a new job, regardless of the labor market, can be both exciting and frightening. There’s excitement in thinking about new possibilities for your career and work-life. But thinking about the time, energy, and potential rejection involved in the job search process can be overwhelming.”

“For those who decide that finding a new job is well worth the challenges a job search will bring, a larger question looms: How can I be sure my next job will be any better than my last one?”

Click the image to read more and see 5 questions to consider BEFORE a job search.


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  1. Reading this article will help me find a new job that I will love. Right now I am very unhappy at my internship, I get the worst possible jobs and I’ve been there for year, while the new interns get work that I should be getting. Getting ahead of the job search now instead of later will help me find a job or internship that will let me grow within the company, I understand what I want from company and that will allow me to pick a job that I will love and not want to leave. I agree with the article that if you determine what is most important to you right now will give you a better understanding of what type of job you are truly looking. Therefore, in my opinion, that question is the most important one out of the 5 questions the article wants you to consider before you start looking for a job.

  2. I agree with the article that you should not get desperate to look for another job, you know when it is not a good fit or it does not feel right for you.

    It is also important to have a good relationship with your superiors, you need their support.

    If you come across any problems with any of your other coworkers, your superior will listen to you and he/she should try to help you by mentoring or if necessary correct your actions without being judgmental.

    A true manager will value your strengths and help you with your weakness.

    For example I am good Sales Representative but I am not very good with reports, usually my manager is a little bit more flexible with me regarding my deadlines for my reports, but he is not flexible when I have to bring my revenue quota per month.

  3. This article is very enlightening in helping someone decide if the job is right for them and if they should leave. I do not have a real corporate job yet since I am still an undergraduate but by using these questions it will help me find the perfect internship for me. By looking at opportunities, values, culture, work environment and what i want and believe in when interviewing for an internship, it will help me decide if this is the right place for me and if I will fit in as well as thrive there. I agree with the article when it says “there’s excitement in thinking about new possibilities for your career and work-life. But thinking about the time, energy, and potential rejection involved in the job search process can be overwhelming.” By using the 5 questions it will help to find the career that I am looking for and making sure that I enjoy it.

  4. Having a job you like, I believe, directly correlates to having a job that showcases your strengths. Being able to use your strengths at the workplace aids in the process of moving up the ladder.

  5. I in particular like this excerpt from the article: “What kind of opportunity will allow you to do your best work? The same job in a different industry could make a big difference in job satisfaction and growth potential.”

    If you are for example a Marketing specialist in one industry where the work environment is especially toxic, your performance will degrade significantly if you don’t move. The same can be said for growth potential. Although it can be fun to work for 40k starting out in a small, stable company, you may want to work for a company or industry that is on the forefront of cutting edge tech, an industry that will not only appreciate your talent (or lack thereof, who knows?) and possibly lead to a raise or promotion down the line.

    Point i’m getting at is: Avoid dead end jobs at all costs. They kill not only productivity, but also your soul.

  6. This article is very helpful for us to find a right job. When we find job, we need to know what elements are important for us, what do you want to get from this job, money ? skills? or promotion opportunity. We should let ourselves know what do we want, we are more properly to find a right job.

  7. I used to work at a bagel store, and was not looking for a new job when my current retail jobs became available to me. I do believe that you need to emphasize your strengths and explain to whoever is interviewing how you would use those strengths in their business. I was excited to leave the bagel store and move on to a national department store with such a well known name which will help me branch out for future jobs when I get out of college. I also do grey reviewed on my strengths and weaknesses.

  8. Reading the article above will help me find the job that is the right fit for me. Since I am a Sophmore and I am going to begin looking for internships soon, it definitely helped me to look at the 5 questions above. It gives me some sort of guidelines and help. Searching for a job is not easy and can be quite stressful, but with these guidelines I feel as if I have some sort of direction. “our job search on opportunities that have greater potential for long term career growth. Instead of applying to jobs based on title, salary, and location”, this is a very important concept that I believe everyone should grasp. You should find a job based on long term career growth not based on salary now because in the long run the other opportunity might be better for you. My own advice is to seriously think about what you want and what is a better opportunity in the long run for you before you take a job or internship, do not take one out of spite.

  9. This article is very helpful because I have never really considered all these things before looking a job. I would usually just take the one job that is easiest to find for me. Many who look for a new job are usually are desperate to leave their current position and just take what is there for them, which I have done in the past. But now in my search for a new job at this moment, I will definitely be considering the above questions beforehand. People should not “have” to go to their job every day, they should “want” to show up to their job. In other words, you need to be truly happy, and this is what the questions in the article help you to achieve.

  10. Starting a job search is a big decision for personal life. It is very important to measure the pros and cons of changing the current situation. And it is necessary to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and get better understanding of ourselves. The article provides a good list of questions and details which need to be considered and helps me to make the decision wisely.

  11. “The perfect time to start your job search is before you begin feeling a desperate need to get out of your current position. ” I’m totally agree with this. Self-motivation could drive one person to move with energy. Searching for job is a long and difficult time. The questions in this blog could give us a way to clear the thought and find out the shortage or advantage during job searching. Very useful tips.

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