It’s always a challenge to make our social media presence as effective as possible. We can ALWAYS improve!

As Tailwind, a social media firm, puts it:

“With the New Year come the New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe yours is going to the gym, learning a new language or even just relaxing more. Whatever your personal resolutions might be, there’s also a good chance that your social media accounts could use a new start in the New Year, too. That’s why we put together this list of 10 social media resolutions to keep your brand on track.”



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  1. When presenting data online one should make the information less dull by making the data more visual as opposed to mainly numeric. Not many people want to read long passages even though the information thats inside it is important, so many people have decided to condense the information to make the data as effective as possible. I feel that visuals is a prime way that works best for me. I am more prone to look and decode a visual rather than a long passage. Constantly presenting data gets to boring and ineffective because the consumer may tend to lose attention.

  2. With the fierce competition in the work force, it’s always good to try to stand out as much as possible. All these tips are great in helping you do that. Some of them I didn’t even think of. I always try to make my things stand out my adding nice visuals, clips, and audio. I totally agree with the tip of not hashtaging everything and talking too much about yourself. Your social media site should be as eye popping as informative to keep customers interested and informed.

  3. As the current Social Media Editor of Her Campus Hofstra and by running all social media accounts at my last internship, this article is right on target and extremely helpful. One of the most recent tasks I have been trying to master, as mentioned in the article, is timing. There is definitely a noticeable period when people are checking Facebook and Twitter, and it is essential that accounts are posting content within that time-frame
    Although social media is often made fun of or seen in a negative light, I think more and more companies are starting to see the importance of social media in the future, but not everybody has figured out how to market it well.

  4. I think that social media skills are very important for a modern company. Social media is a fairly easy way to communicate directly with consumers and people really do appreciate a company that understands how to post the right amount and the right content. You want people to be interested in what you’re saying, you don’t want your social media accounts to be one big advertisement, because no one will be interested in keeping up with it. A good company knows how to blend interesting content with good promotion of their brand.

  5. These Social marketing tips are great for marketers to live by, using things such as hashtags really helps advertise your products for cheap especially on applications like Instagram. As a child I hate books without photos, so the visualize feature is key for marketers, make advertisements with lots of colors and photos and you will succeed. Creating social adds and posts allows you as a company to create a social community, I feel as the most important factor in marketing is the social factor and capitalizing on this with advertisements, posts and even applications is genius. I like companies that create apps just so fans could talk with each other such as A company that strives on peoples comments to drive up consumer demand. In sum, these marketing tips are very important for any marketer trying to gain an advantage in competition.

  6. Social Media is a great tool for any company.
    I agree with the post a mix of pictures and videos makes any article more interesting.
    Engaging users is a great way to know how the audience likes a posting or not.

  7. In this modern society, people get used to the social media and are willing to share their experiences with others for certain topics. The power of engaging people to talk really makes social media the most popular platform to conduct brand marketing. Most importantly, the improving experiences with social media makes people feel convenient to get useful information and comfortable to receive certain promotions.

  8. Social media will always be at its peak, I do not see it ever hitting any type of decline. It’s a great way to communicate with your users as a company. I think that in these modern times, it is one of the most crucial things a company must do to be successful. All these tips are definitely on point with gaining attraction towards your social media. I don’t have any experience with creating one myself, but as an avid user of all aspects of social media, I would have to agree with each of the points listed above.

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