Isn’t it time for a number of fast-food restaurants to return to their roots and offer scaled-down menus and fast service?

In the “good old days,” fast-food menus were really simple. Take a look at this early McDonald’s menu, for example. (And yes, as with everything in the “good old days,” prices were really low then. 🙂 )

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However, over the last several years, many fast-food chains have added numerous items to their menus — sometimes to broaden their target markets and other times to include some healthier items.

Consider this 2015 screen capture from McDonald’s Web site. It’s not even readable unless you actually visit the Web site. [Please read more below the image!!!]

Mcdonalds menu

McDonald’s seems to have gotten the message — albeit just a bit so far. After a period of lackluster results, the world’s biggest fast-food chain has decided to trim its menu. To date, the other leading fast-food food restaurants do NOT seem to have gotten this message at all.

Keeping in mind the screen shot above, what do you think of this move by McDonald’s? 

According to Mary Bowerman, writing for USA Today:

“McDonald’s is sending eight items to the chopping block and maybe even getting rid of some ingredients, as the fast-food chain tries to revamp its supersize-me reputation. The chain announced plans to speed up service time by simplifying the menu and reducing the number of Extra Value Meals from 16 to 11. The chain plans on reducing choices of various items, meaning instead of four quarter-pound options, consumers will have one.”


4 Replies to “Can McDonald’s Be Fast Again — in Service and Sales Growth?”

  1. I believe that Mcdonald’s can be fast in both sales growth and Service but they would need to change a few parts of their core business. For centuries Mcdonald’s has been sticking to the script and made the same foods over and over again. Standardization is important when you are a franchise. Lately Mcdonald’s has been making ridiculous types of foods added to their menus that should just not be made such as mozzarella sticks. Is this a gourmet restaurant? no this is fast food. By doing this Mcdonald’s is creating excess inventory where supply exceeds demand waisting time and money. Second, Mcdonald’s should increase their pay to attract a smarter employee base so that their quality of service increases.

  2. Mc Donalds won’t be serving chicken raised on antibiotics, this is the first step to healthy menu.
    It will not survive if it changes to a more healthy approach, people are aware of the calories and fat content.
    I would go to McDonalds as a last option and if there are no other places around to eat.

  3. Mcdonald’s business model is very successful throughout the world and has a strong brand image. Mcdonald’s implemented the strategy to provide a variety of choices address the needs of most consumers. Mcdonald’s definitely has to simplify its menu and focus those superstar products. Also Mcdonald’s has to offer healthy food which is the future trend of food industry.

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